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Fallen Angels
Snow's team also digitally created the Watchers, Aronofsky's creative vision of the giant Nephilim said to have inhabited Canaan in Genesis. "The design of the Watchers was a big challenge," comments Snow, "and we had some of the top designers in the business working on it, from Aaron McBride at ILM to Aaron Simms down in LA. Early on, Sam Messer, a New York sculptor, gave us a real basis for what they would become."

Adds Aronofsky: "Nephilim are fallen angels talked about in a unique paragraph in the Bible. We created them as the Watchers, who are voiced by Frank Langella, Mark Margolis and Nick Nolte, and are these incredible creatures you've never seen before."

Though the animals and the Watchers add elements of the imagined to "Noah," Snow notes that Aronofsky's over-riding emphasis was on a core realism - on pulling the audience into Noah's world as if it was fully alive in the here and now.

"I think one of the great decisions on this film was to shoot everything as realistically as possible," he observes. "When you have that level of realism, it also gives you a strong foundation to which you can then pin the visual effects. This way, the spectacle is there but it doesn't overwhelm the story - it's all in support of the main thrust, which is always Noah and his family."

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