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Shooting in the Nation's Capital
On May 13, 2013, the production headed east to Washington, D.C. to shoot Steve Rogers, Black Widow and Falcon in scenes at some of the most prominent national landmarks, including the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, National Air and Space Museum, Capitol Building, National Mall, the DuPont Circle neighborhood and the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge, which the production shut down for the first time ever for the filming of a major motion picture.

With the film being set in Washington, D.C., it was crucial for the filmmakers to physically shoot on the streets and have the cast interacting at the historical landmarks throughout the city. "When you have scenes that are actually shot in the city in which the movie's taking place, people can feel it. The very first shot of this film is Steve Rogers jogging at dawn on the Mall in D.C. in front of the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial."

Comments director Anthony Russo, "To see Cap moving amongst the landmarks of D.C. at the beginning of the movie immediately sets the tone for the film and harkens back to the '70s political thrillers to which this movie owes a great creative debt."

Adds Joe Russo, "Shooting in Washington, D.C. was absolutely critical for this film. It provides the backdrop for the narrative, both literally and thematically."

In the film, the Triskelion, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Washington, D.C.-based headquarters, is shown for the very first time. Making that fictional building seem realistic was another reason to shoot in the nation's capital. "You still want to ground it and make it feel as real as possible, and by spending those days there in D.C. and starting the movie right off the bat with location filming gives it a very good vibe and a very realistic vibe," says Feige. For the actors, shooting on the streets meant drawing big crowds, many of them young kids who lined the streets dressed in their Captain America costumes waiting to meet Captain America himself. Evans routinely took photos with young fans and enjoyed the experience of shooting in the nation's capital.

"I really enjoyed shooting in Washington, D.C.," says Chris Evans. "Because of the time restrictions for shooting at certain landmarks we had some incredibly early starts to our days. But it was just a surreal experience to shoot at the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial at dawn and seeing the sunrise. Even though I was running and sprinting in the scenes it was just so peaceful at that hour and the shots just looked amazing." Continuing, Evans states, "I loved seeing all the kids on the National Mall and streets of Washington, D.C. It reminds you that when you play a role like Captain America or any Super Hero, kids look up to you and you really have to be conscious of that as well as what you mean to them and make sure your actions are in alignment. The cornerstone of Steve Rogers is being selfless and putting the needs of others first. That extends to all facets, so if I can just be a little like Steve Rogers, then I know I'm doing something right."

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