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The Right Man For 'The Other Woman'
With a script in place, Yorn began searching for a director, and found her man in Nick Cassavetes, who had earned praise for helming "The Notebook" and "Unhook the Stars," both of which had memorable female roles. When Cassavetes read the script for THE OTHER WOMAN he said, "I have a strong mother, daughters and sisters. I have a strong connection to women and I really love what this movie says about the power of female relationships."

Yorn adds that Cassavetes had his hands full with a female producer, writer, studio executive and his actresses always telling him and explaining to him the way things go. She laughs: "You walk on the set and you see this guy, and he's like six foot seven, with tattoos all over, and you wonder and wonder, 'That's the guy who's directing this movie??' But Nick is the most sensitive of any of us!"

She continues: "With Nick's body of work, the one thing I saw across the board is the honesty. There's never a false moment in his movies. Even with comedy and the absurdity of some of the situations and hijinks, he's still looking for an honest moment from a character. He never wants anything to feel implausible within the world of that character. Nick has a really romantic outlook."

For Cassavetes, the immediate attraction to directing THE OTHER WOMAN was its story. As he explains, "In many films, women are portrayed as being competitive and at odds, especially when there's a man involved. In this story, Carly doesn't know Mark is married and she immediately backs off when she learns the truth. Kate understands that Carly really wasn't at fault. But Kate is so wrapped up in how to deal with her big problem, that the sheer force of her character compels Carly to be her friend. As soon as I read the script, I thought that this is a relationship I rarely see, and I wanted to make sure that, if I had an opportunity to make the film, that we made it right."

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