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Dressed For Success: Style and Wardrobe
For Yorn, the idea of securing legendary costume designer Patricia Field ("Sex and the City"), a longtime purveyor of cool downtown Manhattan style, became something of an obsession. "Patricia has had a long and amazing career and is always looking for new challenges," Yorn explains. "We're glad she saw THE OTHER WOMAN as fulfilling that goal."

Field's involvement in the film was also very important to Cassavetes, who comments, "I begged Pat ninety-eight thousand times to do the film. She is a real artist. Pat has specific kinds of ideas and they're mutating and changing all the time."

Nicki Minaj, a noted fashion icon in her own right, was also thrilled to learn Field would be joining the team: "When I heard that Patricia Field was a part of this movie, I was very excited because I knew everybody would be eating their hearts out when they saw all the clothes we wear in this movie, and I knew it was going to be fresh and fun."

Field notes that her process is "to find the parallel lines between the actor and the character. I need to get to know the actors so just sit and talk with them. They need to get to know me, as well. So that is a very big step in the process. My job is getting the actors comfortable in their clothes, visually and physically."

Field made the costuming a team effort. She shares costume design credit with longtime collaborator and protege Paolo Nieddu. Field and Nieddu began the work of illustrating the personalities of the characters through their clothes.

Each of the women in the film has a very specific style, which the costume designers worked with the actors to map out. "Carly is a contemporary, attractive, successful woman," Field explains. "Her style is sophisticated, which could mean a designer look or it could be a chic, unique, original combination."

When we first meet Carly, during a hotel tryst with Mark, she is wearing a skintight Antonio Berardi black dress. Some of her other signature looks are a pair of dresses by designer Martin Grant (lipstick red, and white and navy with a gold belt), a white Tom Ford sheath and a Rick Owens black leather skirt with blazer. High heels and designer purses and jewelry complete her outfits, giving Carly a sexy, killer vibe, even in the office.

Leslie Mann's Kate, Field notes, "is a time-warped throwback from the '50s because she's this married woman living in the suburbs, not working, living the la-di-dah-la-la life. And then the energy of Leslie was a little goofy, which is part of her comedy. I had to make Kate from another time zone because she doesn't have a clue."

Nieddu adds, "Kate is a sort of 1950s Suzy Homemaker/Stepford Wife. She's looking after her man, cleaning his clothes, running his errands, and taking care of his dog while he's out. So her look was definitely preppy. Then, Kate becomes disheveled after learning of the affair. She becomes upset and there are times where that needs to reflect in her clothing and her appearance, where she is less put-together in certain situations."

Kate's ensembles incorporate a Prada two-piece print pantsuit, and dresses and separates from Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Lily Pulitzer, J. Crew, Red Valentino and Pucci - all the accouterments befitting a privileged "country mouse." Unlike Carly, she's more often in flats than stilettos and her most prominent accessory is a Great Dane called Thunder, who is bigger than she is.

The second other woman, Amber, is the youngest of the trio. "She's the cool girl," says Nieddu. "Amber's style is a young style. Her most memorable wardrobe moment is when Carly and Kate spot Amber on a sunny Hamptons beach, jogging in a perfect white bikini made by Malia Mills. Amber is your jeans-and-t-shirt, all-American girl-next-door. She's kind of a tomboy at times. Amber shouldn't be over-styled or overdone. She's not out on the prowl."

Styling Nicki Minaj was another highlight for the designers. "It was really fun to get the chance to dress Nicki for this role," says Nieddu. "She's the secretary, and the sexy secretary is an image everybody can imagine, so we went with almost a cartoon sexy secretary, with exaggerated colors and prints and lots of different accessories. Every day is a new Lydia. So you never know what you're going to get with her."

Lydia's looks include high fashion, sexy, and body-conscious pieces that would fill the closet of a girl with a sugar daddy footing the bill. Some of her designer looks are by Gucci, Roland Mouret, Versace, Herve Leger, Proenza Schoeler, and McQueen - all paired with the most extreme, expensive designer shoes that only a diva could stand wearing to the office.

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