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About The Production
THE OTHER WOMAN balances its broad comedy and emotional truth with a bit of fantasy and high glamour - or as director Nick Cassavetes dubs it, the film is "candy-dipped." In addition to the costumes by Patricia Field and her team of chic New York stylists, the film was lucky to have acclaimed French cinematographer Robert Fraisse on board. Fraisse is an Academy Award nominee for the Jean-Jacques Annaud film "The Lover." He also created the lush images in Cassavetes' romance "The Notebook" and worked with him again on "Alpha Dog."

Carly's minimalist white loft was filmed on location in a real Tribeca loft. Production designer Dan Davis calls it, "correct for her character, not too over the top, because she's very successful." Carly and Lydia's office scenes were filmed in an elegant, sleek office at 7 World Trade Center, with views of lower Manhattan in every direction.

The restaurant where a lunch between Carly and Kate turns into a shoving match was shot at Barbuto in the trendy meatpacking district. Some of Carly's dates with Mark take place at The Ritz Carlton, STK restaurant in Meatpacking, and a rooftop bar in SoHo. She flirts with a guy at Lavo club on East 58th Street, and goes on her first date with Phil at the Dream Hotel. She drinks with her dad at the classic watering hole The Monkey Bar on East 54th Street, and introduces him to Amber at a funky Chinatown spot, the interior of which was staged at campy Lucky Cheng's restaurant on 52nd Street. No beautiful Manhattan film would be complete without Central Park, and the three women make an important decision while strolling "Literary Walk" in the park near 72nd Street. They get together for a celebratory dinner at The Mondrian Hotel in SoHo, toasting their victory over champagne.

Kate and Mark King's posh suburban world was scripted as being in Connecticut, but was filmed in Westchester, NY, at a private house in Harrison.

Once Carly and Kate figure out that there is another woman filling in the unexplained spots in Mark's calendar, they hop in the car to track her down in the Hamptons. They establish headquarters at Kate's brother Phil's place, which is a beach house with a bachelor's vibe on the ocean in East Quogue. The exclusive Quogue Beach Club allowed filming on its pristine white beach for a pivotal moment when Carly and Kate spy on and then chase bikini-clad Amber.

After wrapping in the Hamptons, cast and crew packed up their gear and hopped on a flight to the Caribbean. Yorn recalls: "The original draft of the script didn't have the journey to the Bahamas section, and it felt like it was lacking a big, action-oriented piece at the end. Nick came up with this idea that the ladies travel to the island paradise to catch Mark committing fraud. So we get to have the great moments of them chasing him and having to go on an adventure together."

An exhaustive scout of the islands led to the conclusion that the production could find everything they needed in The Bahamas: stunning beaches, a resort and pool area that looked like a hotspot, and authentic Caribbean bank buildings, where Mark would likely stash his ill-gotten gains. The Bahamas and the resorts at The Atlantis welcomed THE OTHER WOMAN cast and crew for a week of filming at the end of the shoot.


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