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Antonio Banderas returns to SPY KIDS 2 as Gregorio Cortez -- daring secret agent, suave and seductive husband and now, a dad worried his growing kids no longer need him. This time Banderas gives his character new comic twists by adding to his vulnerability. Despite his brilliant spywork, Gregorio Cortez proves to be a husband afraid of his in-laws, a working man about to be passed over for the promotion he deserves and a father who needs to know his kids still think he's their hero.

Banderas was thrilled to be back in one of his most surprising yet favorite screen roles to date. "It feels so good to be part of something that has wonderful family principles, but is also magical and high-action with a hip sense of humor," he says. "That's what brought me back. And it's also exciting to work with Robert Rodriguez in one of the most creative and imaginative moments of his career. He is creating something with SPY KIDS that is larger-than-life, the kind of movie that captures your heart no matter how old you are. And this time he has put in even more thrills, more ideas and more funny stuff."

He might be larger-than-life but in THE ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS, Gregorio Cortez finds himself baffled and bewildered when his kids seem to no longer come to him for advice – whether related to espionage or otherwise. Instead, they seem to favor the fantastical abilities of do-it-all robots and have come to rely on their own spy-smarts . . . until they get into trouble so big they discover just how much they still need their father.

"Gregorio's having a series of very bad days when this movie begins," observes Banderas. "He is not quite as happy-go-lucky as he was previously, but that allows me to really bring a sense of humor to his character beyond what we did in the first film, when people were getting to know him."

He continues: "But that's what I love about this movie – we take these kind of mythic characters, these fantasy, invincible spies and give them everyday family problems. I love the possibility of laughing at these characters. I think it shows us that it's OK to laugh at ourselves." For many, it's Banderas' ability to play the fool and the sophisticate equally well that makes Gregorio so appealing to kids and adults. Sums up Holland Taylor, who plays his mother-in-law in SPY KIDS 2: "Antonio is the perfect combination of clown and great romantic hero. When an elegant man willingly and happily makes fun of himself, the way Antonio does in this role, it is irresistible."

Banderas was also intrigued by the idea of introducing a new generation into SPY KIDS 2: Carmen and Juni's veteran spy grandparents, who also happen to be Gregorio's skeptical in-laws. "There is a whole new side of family relationships to be explored with the addition of the grandparents – and there's a lot of comedy for adults in this, too, because we bring in the dimension of dealing with your own in-laws and parents," points out Banderas. "Carla and I tried to put in little funny things about that for the parents that kids might not catch."

But Banderas also liked that the kids – both Carmen and Juni and their rivals Gary and Gerti Giggles -- take center stage in this adventure when it comes to the spy intrigue. "The situation is kind of reversed in this new adventure," he says. "The kids get in trouble and their parents have to find them. But it's still about what is important in life: using your head and your heart and working together to do the right thing."

Carla Gugino once again portrays Ingrid Cortez, the mom whose makeup mirror is secretly a supe

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