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Working With Steven Knight
If Hummingbird marked Knight's arrival as an exciting new filmmaker, LOCKE confirms his talent as a world-class talent. "Steve's best quality as a director is his unflappability and his continued focus," says Paul Webster.

Knight approaches filmmaking as a collaborative process. "Everybody is given a lot of latitude. But he's always very, very, very clear what he wants," says Webster of Knight's relationship with his crew.

"What Steve does is, in a completely relaxed, calm, articulate way, he tells you what he wants to do and he's very encouraging," confirms director of photography Haris Zambarloukos. "He said, 'Go out there and give me the craziest shots'. And at the same time, he is steering it."

For editor Justine Wright, Knight is very clear about what he wants. "He gets to the core of an issue very quickly," Wright explains. "He is great because he comes in and says 'ok, like this, what if you did this, this, this' and then off you go."

Knight is a director who believes everything stands and falls on the actors. "You can have very pretty pictures but they don't make an iota of sense with a human being communicating with an audience," Webster points out. "He understands that and gives them a lot of space. He wins trust very easily. He's the nicest guy in the world." Actress Ruth Wilson, who plays Ivan's wife Katrina agrees: "Steve has done a great job at the unravelling of a man, bringing in the claustrophobia, and all these different characters who swirl around this man's mind. Steve knows how to create a thriller, and has given it the pace to drive the motion forward."

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