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Concrete: The Ground Beneath Their Feet
LOCKE is the story of a construction of a building and the demolition of a life. Knight wanted his lead character to be the most ordinary man in the world to whom one thing has happened. "It's an exploration of how one mistake, if you call it a mistake, can lead to the complete collapse of someone's life," says Knight. "That to me felt like an analogy of a building, of destruction, of demolition. I liked the idea this very ordinary man did this very practical, solid job."

And there is nothing more solid than concrete. As the foreman of a building site where the foundations are being laid for the construction of an enormous building, Ivan is regarded as a safe pair of hands. But in trying to make up for a past mistake and do the right thing he abandons his post at a crucial time.

"I worked on a building site many years ago," reveals Knight, who spent some time with the Senior Project Manager of the site on which the Shard was built at London Bridge while preparing LOCKE. "I remember the arrival of the concrete was this big thing. When it comes you have to have everything ready for it because it's a disaster if the concrete sets in the wrong place."

The tragedy is that by choosing to lay the right foundations for the next part of his life, Ivan is turning to quicksand the ground beneath himself and his family.

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