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Casting Locke: The Voices on the End of the Line
Hardy is surrounded by some of the industry's most compelling actors. "We made a dream team list of who we wanted and we pretty much got everybody," says Knight. "There is a certain sort of 'alone-ness' about being in a car and driving on your own," he continues. 'People do very odd things when they are driving alone. They sing to themselves, talk to themselves. I wanted to capture the loneliness of that moment. And then these voices come in and their lives change."

The actors were impressed by the quality of the script, the opportunity to work with Hardy and the intriguing concept of Knight's "anti film".

"It's a fascinating, quirky piece, experimental and interesting," says Ruth Wilson. "I won't do anything like this again because it won't happen ever again I think, so that's why I did it."

Katrina's life falls apart over a series of telephone calls with her husband. We hear her shock, then anger and eventually the process of the decision she makes. Like reading a novel or listening to a radio play, we create what Katrina might look like for ourselves.

"Ruth gives such a brilliant performance," says Knight. "When you hear her you see her in your head. You see the bedroom she's in, you see the kids and you see that domestic situation."

It's a situation Wilson relishes. "What's interesting for all of us is that you might not recognize who we are," the actress says of the supporting cast. "That's a joy and a benefit for us."

Olivia Colman, who plays Bethan, is one of the UK's most in-demand actors. She compares the audience's perspective to being a passenger in Ivan's car. "You're watching this guy's life unravel, going, 'Oh God! Who's going to phone him now? Please have some good news!' He can't see anyone so you are going through his emotions with him."

Colman does not have much sympathy for her character. "She's a home-wrecker!" says Colman. "When I first read it I was thinking it's just awful, it's really sad."

The Irish-born actor Andrew Scott, well known for his role as Moriarty in the BBC TV series Sherlock, provides light relief as Ivan's subordinate Donal. He has to be talked through a very difficult process over the telephone.

"He goes from calm to slightly hysterical, from sober to slightly drunk," says Scott of Donal. "And he's running around. I have to imagine what he's going through so I'm not coming with exactly the same energy each time, so it gives Tom something to play off."

"Andrew Scott is very funny and gets so many laughs," says Knight. "It's very important people laugh because it's a tragedy and a comedy, often at the same time. As the pressure builds on Ivan, we should release that tension with laughter."

Locke's sons are played by 17 year-old Tom Holland and 18 year-old Bill Milner. "It is an incredible story," says Holland. "It happens in such a short space of time, which is so scary. It's very interesting and very fun to do as an actor."

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