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A "tragic-farce," BULWORTH takes a comedic look at race and class in the United States, campaign finance, and the power of big money and media in America

A "tragic­farce," BULWORTH takes a comedic look at race and class in the United States, campaign finance, and the power of big money and media in America. It deals with what is labeled obscene as opposed to what is obscene.

BULWORTH is produced by, written by, directed by and stars Warren Beatty in the title role.

HALLE BERRY plays Nina; OLIVER PLATT plays Murphy, Bulworth's frustrated political operative; JOSHUA MALINA plays Feldman, his beleaguered assistant; JACK WARDEN plays Davers, Bulworth's loyal, long­time aide; CHRISTINE BARANSKI plays Constance, Bulworth's wife; PAUL SORVINO plays Crockett, a corrupt insurance lobbyist; RICHARD SARAFIAN plays Vinnie, the hoodlum who arranges the assassination; DON CHEADLE plays L.D., a gang leader in South Central Los Angeles; ISAIAH WASHINGTON plays Darnell, Nina's brother; AMIRI BARAKA plays a homeless man; SEAN ASTIN, LAURIE METCALF and WENDELL PIERCE play C­SPAN workers Gary, Mimi and Fred; and MICHELE MORGAN and ARIYAN JOHNSON play Cheryl and Tanya, aspiring rapper friends of Nina's.

BULWORTH is co­written by Jeremy Pikser ("The Lemon Sisters"). Joining co­producer Pieter Jan Brugge behind the camera are Academy Award winners: cinematographer VITTORIO STORARO ("Reds," "Apocalypse Now," "The Last Emperor," "Dick Tracy"); costume designer MILENA CANONERO ("Chariots of Fire," "Dick Tracy") and production designer DEAN TAVOULARIS ("The Godfather Part II," "Bonnie and Clyde").

The film is edited by ROBERT C. JONES ("Heaven Can Wait," "Shampoo," "Being There") and Billy Weber, and the score is composed and conducted by ENNIO MORRICONE ("Bugsy," "The Mission").

While several of Warren Beatty's previous films, including "Bonnie and Clyde," "The Parallax View," "McCabe & Mrs. Miller," "Shampoo" and "Reds," have dealt with political issues in a historical context, BULWORTH is his first look at a contemporary elected politician. However, apart from movies, Beatty has spent thirty­five years actively involved in American politics.

Halle Berry comments: "While having many funny moments, BULWORTH makes some important statements that everybody might not like, but it's the truth. And we often don't want to hear the truth. BULWORTH makes a strong statement along with its humor."

The film's premise immediately attracted Oliver Platt. "I think the idea that a politician has to have a nervous breakdown in order to tell the truth is a rich and funny one," Platt comments.

"I think BULWORTH is Warren's most courageous movie," says Paul Sorvino, who previously collaborated with Beatty on "Reds." "When someone like a Warren Beatty calls, you come a­runnin'. Warren understands the value of improvisation and the importance of making an actor feel like a collaborator."

Like Sorvino, Jack Warden is another long­time collaborator of Beatty's. The veteran actor, whose credits include two previous Beatty comedies, "Shampoo" and "Heaven Can Wait," comments: "I've been lucky to work with some great directors, including Sidney Lumet, John Ford ­ and Warren." Warden particularly admires Beatty's persistence in getting what he wants on film. "If Warren's on the track of getting something, a

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