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About The Story
The story for "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" was conceived years ago when creating human-looking robots and cloning seemed impossible. With the incredible strides society has made in the fields of science and technology, the world Pluto Nash inhabits no longer seems so far-fetched.

Martin Bregman recalls, "I found the script originally and felt it was different, unusual and exciting. I wanted to make a film based in outer space that showed people involved in their everyday life and make that accessible to an audience. There's nothing bizarre about it. It just so happens it takes place some eighty years from now on the moon."

Ron Underwood, director of the comedy "City Slickers" was intrigued by the script for "The Adventures of Pluto Nash." Underwood states, "I'm always looking for a script that will challenge and excite me as a director. This was the perfect opportunity to show what the future is going to be like. I really responded to the script, to the character Pluto Nash, to the setting on the Moon. It's a comedy, but we play things realistically so it has a more reality-based feel to the film."

Bregman offers, "I really liked Ron Underwood's films and found that he had a unique vision for "The Adventures of Pluto Nash."

Eddie Murphy is Pluto Nash, the owner of Club Pluto, a successful and thriving hip-hop nightclub in Little America, a colony on the Moon. Murphy explains, "Pluto is a guy who got out of a life of crime and turned it around to become a legitimate businessman. He decided that he just wanted to keep his life simple."

The choice of Eddie Murphy to play the charismatic Pluto Nash seemed an obvious one to the filmmakers.

"Eddie Murphy is a genius and an extraordinarily gifted actor," explains Bregman. "I think we were lucky to have him in this film."

"It's an action comedy and Eddie Murphy is the king of that genre," adds Ron Underwood. "From the beginning, I felt confident that we would get a very solid tone and an entertaining film with Eddie Murphy as ‘Pluto Nash.' During filming we never knew when Eddie was going to throw something in the mix that would make the cast and crew burst out in laughter."

Randy Quaid was brought on to bring life to Pluto Nash's trusted bodyguard, Bruno an older model robot who may not have the newest technology but always comes through when it counts. Quaid explains, "I play Bruno, who is Pluto's confidant, friend, bodyguard and protector. He's a humanistic type of robot. Instead of getting rid of me after a couple of years and getting a newer model with all the bells and whistles, Pluto's grown attached to me and kept me around, even though I don't have all the capabilities that the newer models have."

Ron Underwood explains, "Randy brings such an innocence to the role of Bruno. Though Bruno is an outdated robot, he is uncompromising when it comes to protecting Pluto. Bruno is the best friend one can have. He'll stand by you no matter what. Randy is a wonderful actor, both dramatic and comedic. I can't say enough about Randy."

Bregman concurs, "If you cast enough films, and have made as many films as I have, you pretty much know all the players. I know Randy's work and thought he would make a terrific Bruno. Randy is an artist. He's a great actor and I think that everybody that<

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