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When moviegoers sit in their seats to watch "Maleficent," Angelina Jolie expects that they will have a great experience. "Everybody involved is hoping to bring audiences the feeling that we've respected the classic film and if they loved the classic, we've tried to bring them what they've remembered and loved about this story," says Jolie. "But we've tried to enhance it and also make it beautiful and touching.

"We hope that audiences care about the characters, Aurora and Maleficent and Stefan and everybody involved; whether they love them or hate them at moments, that somehow they deeply know them and they're deep, good characters. But we also hope to bring a real world that they've never seen before and also action sequences and everything audiences want in a film," concludes Jolie.

Producer Joe Roth notes, "A Disney film has to have great entertainment value, has to offer something fresh, and also has to offer something underneath all of it that you can take away. It's always about what kind of clothing you put on it. So, the big visual set pieces are fresh. And what they'll take away here is no matter how badly you feel about yourself, or how fractured your life might be, here's someone whose heart has truly turned to stone but has learned to love despite herself."

Elle Fanning is excited for audiences to experience the film and says, "There's something for everyone in a way, for boys, and girls, and adults as well. The movie has so many different emotions wrapped up into it, that when you come out of the theater you will be both laughing and crying. Also, it's going to look amazing because Robert Stromberg creates the most magnificent sets."


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