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O, Captain, My Captain - Dickson
Returning to the role of Captain Dickson is Ice Cube. "He was my childhood hero," says Hill. "When we worked on the first one, the first thing we wrote down was that Ice Cube - the guy who wrote 'F- Tha Police' - should play the police captain. It's a true childhood dream to be able to hang out with him."

Cube relishes the role. "I'm the meanest, nastiest captain of them all," says Ice Cube. "He hates everybody equally. You've seen nasty 'Angry Black Captains' - I want to be the top notch."

While the audience saw only one side of Dickson in 21 Jump Street, moviegoers are treated to a more well-rounded character in 22 Jump Street. (Sort of.) "We see him in a lot of different lights," Cube explains. "He's a little different with everybody, but he's still mean, nasty and angry. Even his wife is mean and nasty." "

A lot of the comedy, for us, comes between the interplay between Schmidt and Dickson," says Lord. "Schmidt is a guy who seems like he should be low status to Dickson, but considers himself an equal. That's really funny to us."

"Schmidt is that annoying kid in high school, thinking that today is going to be the day he's going to break the ice," says Cube. "There's no breaking the ice with Dickson."

Of course, when it's Ice Cube playing the role, some of that admiration and intimidation comes from real life. "It's how we all feel about Ice Cube," says Lord. "He's iconic. He's a great director, writer, producer, rapper, and actor - we all admire him. We're dying for him to think we're cool. We can all relate to the Schmidt character."

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