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The variety of locations in 22 Jump Street - from a football team to art majors to hundreds of spring breakers in beach party gear - required Leesa Evans and her wardrobe team to design a wide variety of costumes.

"The costumes had to be believable and fun," says Evans. "We needed everything under the sun, and had to remain efficient and creative, and still manage to have a good time."

Evans sought to give each member of the principal supporting cast an individual look. Wyatt Russell as Zook took in California surfer casual meets football. Jimmy Tatro as Rooster had a warrior look with his camo pants (and even camo swim trunks).

As Mercedes, Jillian Bell was sweet and preppy in flowered frocks and blouses, and The Yangs, played by identical twins Keith Lucas and Kenny Lucas, rocked the trendy pop culture fashion.

The MC State football uniforms were manufactured by Under Armour, based on Evans's designs.

Evans also designed a collection of MC State college sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, caps, and scarves for the students to wear. Evans kept it all real, by taking snapshots on college campuses to see what people were wearing and creating an authentic background for the film.


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