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When we last saw Kristen and Jeremy, Jeremy was down on one knee and proposing. Kristen said yes. Now they are newlyweds thinking of starting a family. "She's very regimented and wants to have sex as often as possible, just to increase the odds of her getting pregnant," says Gabrielle Union. This presents a very interesting challenge for Jeremy, the lovable man-child, who is still somewhat of a child himself. Says Ferrera, "They're at that point now that married couples get to where she wants to start a family and now he, being kind of the underachiever, doesn't really want to start a family yet."

Zeke the reformed player and Mya, who was tired of being played, are still together and have come quite a long way, but their future is unclear. "Mya feels that he is pulling away, actually," says Meagan Good, who plays her. "She's seeing that he seems a little bit freaked out by the fact that Candace and Michael are getting married, and he's worried that maybe Mya might want to get married. At least that's what she's thinking in her head."

Says producer Packer, "When we last left them, Zeke was overcoming his player ways. Some people believe 'once a player, always a player' and so that gets tested, because it turns out that Las Vegas is one of Zeke's old stomping grounds. So, when he comes back to Las Vegas, it's difficult because everybody that sees him remembers him for the 'old Zeke,' so Mya is forced to deal with Zeke's past." Consequently, Zeke is forced to deal with his retired ways and consider who he is now versus who he used to be. It causes him to do a lot of introspection. So the big question becomes, has Zeke changed? According to Romany Malco, who plays him, "Zeke the Freak is at a place where he's been somewhat content in a relationship for a while. But what he's going through is he knows that it's time to bump this relationship up to a higher level and it's freaking him out. He's trying to discern whether or not it's an authentic move for him or if he's actually being pressured into becoming more or conforming to what love supposedly is. And so in the process of that, it's creating a lot of tension between him and Mya. And as a result of that, Mya is starting to have second thoughts."

Businesswoman Lauren and budding chef Dominic are madly in love and now live together in LA. "Dominic found himself," says his portrayer, Michael Ealy. "He found his passion. He found his courage. And his swag. He finally found his rhythm and that made him a bit more attractive for Lauren because the dreamer became the guy with potential." Their relationship is tested, however, because now Dominic and Lauren have to decide which they are going to put first-their love or their careers and dreams? Or, is there a way to figure out how to do it all? Taraji P. Henson, who plays Lauren, says, "We've both been offered new jobs in two different states. So we're just trying to figure out how we're going to work that out. Now that they live together, they see less and less of each other. And then this whole drama about them both getting job offers in different states just complicates things."

Bennett, the happily married guy, is back as the voice of reason amongst his pals. "In the first movie, I put a button on it at the end when I told Cedric I'm going home to my wife, because, you know, I'm doing it because I want to," says Gary Owen, who plays Bennett. "In this one, you get to meet my wife. You get to see our relationship, and it's funny. I think Bennett, he's kind of like, in the clouds. He thinks he's in the perfect marriage, where maybe his wife is like, 'Eehh, I'm a little bored.'" When we finally get introduced to Tish, she's brilliantly played by Wendi McLendon-Covey, a new addition to the cast. Says McLendon-Covey, "When I first came on, it was a little intimidating because the cast is so close, and it's such a big cast, and they have all their inside jokes and they're a big, happy family. But they were very nice to me, so I appreciated that." Tish is the mom who is all about her family. She doesn't get out much and isn't into fashion, but that changes over the weekend when she is introduced to her husband's friends' significant others. "When you see them together-Bennett with his fanny pack and her with her twin sets-they are the last people that you think would have fun in Vegas," says Packer. "But they turn out to have some of the most fun of any of our couples."

Candace and Michael, meanwhile, are engaged, about to get married, and the reason everybody's back together, since with a wedding comes a merging of families and friends. So the happy couple's dynamic is further complicated by the fact that Michael's mother, Loretta, continues to be an intrusive element in their relationship. "Loretta is over-possessive and obsessed with her son, which is dangerous," says Jenifer Lewis, who plays Loretta. Regina Hall lays down the stakes for her role: "My character Candace, and Loretta still have drama because she has a problem thinking any woman is good enough for her son. So, the fact that Candace is divorced and has a child and is older gives her all the reason in the world to think 'I do not want this woman married to my only son." But Michael is a lot stronger now. Says Terrence J, who plays Michael and takes a uniquely optimistic approach to his predicament, "Michael's a lucky guy. He has two women that are vying for his affection."

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