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Think Cedric
Then there's Cedric: hyper, confused, bold, well-meaning Cedric, once again played by the irrepressible, one-of-a-kind Kevin Hart. For one thing, Cedric's relationship issues with Gail continue. Packer, the producer, says, "Gail was dragging all 4-foot-7-inches of Cedric through the food truck park at the end of the last movie. They got back together, but it didn't quite work out so they are having a trial separation, as advised by their marriage counselor. Cedric has been allowed to come to Vegas, as, technically, "a free man." He's separated from Gail so he is ready to have the time of his life."

Cedric is the best man of the wedding, and according to Kevin Hart, he sets out to be "the best best man in the history of best men." With that goal in mind, he spends way more money than he has on Caesars Palace's lavish, ultra exclusive Constantine Villa-the multiroom mini-mansion that he has rented for the weekend, and disastrous consequences for the posse ensues. Says Packer, "He thinks that it is $4,000 a night. In typical Cedric fashion, he's thinking, 'I got my gold card. I got Triple A. I got points here, points there. I got my frequent flyer miles.' He thinks that all of that has given him this unbelievable suite for $4,000 a night. The suite is $40,000 a night. So that's $80,000 he's in debt." His efforts to recover the money results in a string of events that threaten to derail the wedding. As Hart explains, "I'm trying to go above and beyond to give Michael the best send-off that I can. But in doing that, I get in a little over my head and don't realize how deep I'm in. Not only am I in debt, but I'm causing other people financial stress."

Hart likens Cedric's motivations to those behind a bachelor party Hart once threw for a friend. "I didn't really throw him a bachelor party, I threw myself a bachelor party, but disguised it through him. In actuality, I want everybody to go 'Man, Kev, you did it, this was crazy.' Cedric is that guy. He just wants the guys to look at him and go, 'Man, Cedric you are amazing.' It's all coming from a selfish place for him."

For the writers, returning to the character of Cedric was especially rewarding. "When we wrote the first movie, we didn't know Kevin was going to play Cedric," says co-screenwriter David Newman. "So to write toward him, and to lean into that voice more, and put him in these situations, was really fun."


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