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Leah and Oren become further entwined with the arrival of a family member of Oren's he never knew existed: his granddaughter, Sarah, played by 10-year-old Sterling Jerins. "She was doing WORLD WAR Z, playing Brad Pitt's daughter, when she read for us," Reiner recalls. "I've worked with a lot of kids over the years. And they either have a natural quality or they don't. And she has it. She just has a naturally happy, upbeat demeanor. And she could cry on cue - I didn't even ask her."

Adds Douglas, "She had that inherent sense of reality. She was just so good from the first scene she's in, when she says goodbye to her dad - just a built-in trepidation. And it was just wonderful to watch the interplay she had with Diane. Just a natural from the word go." Keaton was impressed by how Jerins held her own among a set of seasoned adults. "I don't understand a girl who's already so mature and so lovely and so intellectually driven and curious. Sterling Jerins was like a little miracle. She was unusual, in that she wasn't an actresses-y kid actor. She was just radiant and lovely all the time."

The arrival of Sarah completely throws a wrench in the works of the narcissistic Oren's plans. "He's selling his house, he's ready to move. He's retiring and moving to a fishing cabin," Reiner says. "And before all that happens, his son, Luke (played by Scott Shepherd), who he hasn't seen in 10 years, arrives at his doorstep and tells him that he's going off to prison, and he's got a nine-year-old daughter, who Oren is going to have to take care of. So he's stuck in this situation he doesn't want, and he's forced to have to deal with it."

Says Douglas, "He wants nothing to do with her. It's not his problem." And until he can figure a way out of it, Sarah can be. . . Leah's problem. "Initially he pawns Sarah off to Leah, next door. Kind of, 'You can take care of her.' Leah is a nurturing, loving person, and would love nothing better than to take care of her. But she begins to make Oren address some of his issues. And the dialogue they begin gets him to warm up a little. It's the beginning of their relationship."

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