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Hank Rosenbaum
As if it wasn't mortifying enough to have to face their friends, Jay and Annie also come to realize that their entire future may be at risk. Annie's pastime - recording her thoughts as a wife and mother on her blog - could be about to hit the big time if the multinational toy company Piper Brothers decides to purchase it. The decision rests with the mild-mannered, family-values CEO, Hank Rosenbaum, who's supposed to be reviewing the blog this weekend on an iPad that Annie has graciously supplied.

"In their madness, Jay and Annie rush out the door in the hysteria of 'How do we get this thing back?'" Diaz explains. "They show up on Hank's doorstep, without any plan or explanation of why they're there - they just need to find that iPad."

And Annie and Jay will stop at nothing to find it. "So while Jay is ransacking my house," says Rob Lowe, who plays Hank, "Hank co-opts Annie into his very surprising and unbelievably bizarre world that no one, including she, would ever see coming-which is why I wanted to play this character, along with the fact that the script made me laugh out loud. I didn't want to play an uber-smoothie, good-looking CEO charm bomb; that's been done. Instead, I'd describe Hank as 'hail fellow well met' - a Silicon Valley power dweeb with a secret. When he reveals to Annie who he really is and what he's really about… that moment really made me laugh; it's everything I look for in a part."

"Hank could have been a more brash and aggressive character, but Rob did something unexpected and made him into this upbeat, spirited guy with a really complex life who and is, ah, dealing with some issues," says Diaz. "He has a buoyancy that Annie understands and is drawn to-they have an amazing night together."

"Rob is just hilarious in this movie," says Kasdan. "He saw a way into the part that was just inspired. He plays Hank as an inspirational CEO type, a guy whose entire presentation is designed to impress shareholders. He speaks very eloquently about the values and mission of his very wholesome, All-American company - a family brand-- and he tries to project that image himself. And he's in the process of deciding whether or not to buy Annie's mommy blog. So, he's not the guy you want to have your sex tape."

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