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About The Production
Twentieth Century Fox presents a GreeneSteet Films / Cobalt Media Group / Furthur Films production, starring Jesse Bradford, Erika Christensen, and Shin Appleby in SWIMFAN. The film also stars Kate Burton and Dan Hedaya. It is directed by John Polson, written by Charles Bohl & Phillip Schneider, and produced by John Penotti, Allison Lyon Segan, and Joe Caracciolo, Jr. Executive producers are Fisher Stevens and Tim Williams.

The director of photography is Giles Nuttgens, the production designer is Kalina Ivanov, and the editor is Sarah Flack. Arjun Bhasin is the costume designer, with Marcy Drogin, Jamie Gordon and Bradley Yonover serving as co-producers. The original score is by Louis Febre, music themes are by John Debney, and the executive music producer is Alex Steyermark. Casting is by Mindy Mann, CSA and Amanda Harding.

SWIMFAN represents the combined efforts of independent production companies GreeneStreet Films (which last year produced the OscarĀ® nominated "In the Bedroom" and the acclaimed "Pinero") and Michael Douglas' Further Films, and a team of talented filmmakers and actors, to bring something new to the thriller genre. While SWIMFAN's principal characters are young men and women, GreeneStreet and Furthur were intent on not condescending to their potential audience. To that end, during pre-production, the filmmakers visited a Westchester, New York high school, where they had a series of revelatory meetings with students. "We learned that these young people wanted to see a movie that challenged them as well as provided the usual thrills," says producer John Penotti. "They wanted to see something that didn't talk down to them."

GreeneSteet and Furthur, armed with a script by Charles Bohl & Phillip Schneider, approached award-winning Australian actor and filmmaker John Polson to direct. Having recently directed a comedy, "Siam Sunset," which became a worldwide film festival hit, Polson, who also is renowned for being the founder of Australia's popular short film festival, Tropfest, was not the obvious choice to helm a thriller. But Polson's vision for SWIMFAN's fresh approach to the genre, and what producer Allison Lyon Segan calls his "strong directorial hand" evidenced in "Siam Sunset," were key qualities GreeneStreet and Furthur wanted for their film.

Polson welcomed the challenges of working in a new genre. "The idea of making a film that had audiences at the edge of their seats really appealed to me," he recalls. The director also was intrigued by the themes in the Bohl & Schneider screenplay. "I'm interested in the idea of the failure of human nature," Polson explains. "SWIMFAN is a morality tale about a guy who's got everything going for him and the world at his feet. Including a girl he's completely in love with and a career ahead of him that's going to be magic. Then one day he makes one mistake — but it's a big one."

Polson was completely in sync with the producers' desire to make a different kind of teen thriller. "I wanted to make a movie that's intelligent and pushes all the right buttons with audiences," says the director. "A thriller that happens to be about teens, not a 'teen thriller."'

At the vortex of SWIMFAN's thrills is Ben Cronin, a high school senior whose bright future is torn apart by the arrival of the seductive new girl in town. Taking on the role is Jesse Bradford, whose burst upon the movie scene in Steven Soderbergh's acclaimed drama "King of the Hill," and has since gone on to star in such films as "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet," Bring It On" and "Clockstoppers." Bradford had just completed work on the latter and was not eager to jump into another project right away. He quickly changed his mind a


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