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The crime seems routine – the body of a murdered drug dealer has washed up on a Brooklyn beach. Nothing new for NYPD Detective Vincent LaMarca…until his son turns up as the prime suspect. Although the body is found in Vincent's jurisdiction, the crime was committed in Long Beach, Long Island – home to the shattered family he'd fled fourteen years ago. It seems that the LaMarca family's violent past has caught up with its youngest member.

Detective LaMarca is a respected veteran police officer whose professional success masks a troubled and isolated personal life. When Vincent was a child, his family was in dire financial straits. In a desperate act, his father Angelo kidnapped a baby from a wealthy family in order to collect a ransom. In a terrible turn of events, the baby accidentally suffocated in the car while he was waiting for the money, and Angelo was convicted and sentenced to death. Angelo went to the electric chair when Vincent was 8 years old. Vincent has spent his life trying to live down his father's legacy.

"There is a painful irony in this story," comments producer Brad Grey, "as Vincent, the son of a convicted murderer, dedicated his life to being a cop, only to see his own son accused of murder."

Known for his outstanding work on films such as Rob Roy and Scandal, acclaimed Scottish director Michael Caton-Jones was searching for his next project when he read the script for City by the Sea. "I wanted material that I could personally connect with," he recalls. "The first draft I read focused on the notion of a ‘murder gene,' which didn't interest me, but it was sitting right next door to a potentially great idea: that of the sins of the father being visited on the son."

Producer Matthew Baer was intrigued by the film's central concept. "What interested me about the story was its potential to combine an emotional family drama with a compelling police thriller. What happens when a detective has to track down a suspect who turns out to be his son?"

Vincent's painful youth did little to prepare him for the challenges and difficulties of raising a family of his own. After a vehement argument with his wife, Vincent did something that he would regret for the rest of his life – he assaulted her. They were soon divorced, and Vincent's contact with his son Joey was reduced to brief, court-ordered supervised visits. Feeling alienated and persecuted, he moved on to Manhattan, leaving his family behind in the "City by the Sea."

"Vincent basically gave up," explains Robert De Niro, who plays the troubled cop, "and as a result, he lost his relationship with his son for a long period of time. In the end, they both suffered because of that."

Vincent has built a new life for himself in New York City, rising through the ranks to become a successful and respected police investigator. Dedicated to his work, he leaves little time for a life outside the force. His relationship with his girlfriend is caring but casual – uncomplicated and always a little bit distant. But when a murder investigation hits too close to home, Vincent is forced to reveal the secrets of his complicated past.

"Vincent hasn't told his girlfriend about the whole situation with his son," explains De Niro. "She doesn't even know that he was once married. He doesn't

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