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About The Location
Asbury Park was chosen as the stand-in location for Long Beach, the "City by the Sea," because, like Long Beach, Asbury Park is a once-bustling seaside resort town that has since become shabby with neglect. Producer Matthew Baer explains, "Asbury Park was the perfect location – everything we needed was right there. The boardwalk was worn down, as was the town itself."

For Caton-Jones, the location of the set was integral to the production because the devastation of Vincent's hometown symbolically represents the unfolding of events in the story. "The film takes place in a run-down seaside town that was once a well-heeled holiday resort close to New York City," says the director. "That kind of dilapidated architecture really sets the tone of the movie."

The director saw that same quality in Asbury Park. "Asbury Park has provided a whole bunch of different looks to reflect that mood. Its faded grandeur is really expressive for our story. Yes, it's run down, but it's an incredibly beautiful place… I think that this it must have been fabulous at one time."

Asbury Park was beautiful in its time. Founded in the late 1800's, it was the place to be on the Jersey Shore by the 1930's, complete with big hotels, clean beaches and bustling crowds. Sadly, the city began to decline beginning in the 1960's.

According to Caton-Jones, Long Beach holds a special place in Vincent's heart because the town in its heyday represents an important, happier time in his life. The slow disintegration of this once crowded and beautiful place to the slum-like condition Vincent finds it in when he begins his investigation is visually figurative of the gradual deterioration of Vincent's own life. "He's in the autumn of his years, and looking back, he can see what once was."


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