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About The Music
THE BANGER SISTERS first bonded over their love of music and musicians, so it is only natural that the film and soundtrack would feature songs that the ladies would love. And while Writer/Director Bob Dolman stresses that the film is not a rock ‘n' roll movie, he also states that it was necessary to bring back some of the music of the sisters' day in order to tell their back-story. To do so. Dolman enlisted three highly skilled music professionals. Composer Trevor Rabin's music history is widely varied, ranging from performing as a guitarist for the rock group, Yes, for which he also wrote the majority of the material on their best-selling album "90215," to his work scoring blockbuster films like ARMAGEDDON and ENEMY OF THE STATE. Music Supervisor Maureen Crowe's resume includes blockbuster films like THE PERFECT STORM, HEARTBREAKERS and THE BODYGUARD, which received every major award of its release year and boasts the biggest selling soundtrack of all time. Music Supervisor John Bissell has worked on high-profile films like THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS and THE ROOKIE, as well as with legendary director Robert Redford on both THE HORSE WHISPERER and THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE.

The songs utilized throughout THE BANGER SISTERS film and soundtrack are a combination of pieces re-recorded for the project and older songs necessary to tell the rich musical history of the two lead characters. One of the first tracks in the film was written and performed by Goldie Hawn's son-in-law. Chris Robinson (husband to her daughter, Kate Hudson), from The Black Crowes. The song, entitled "The Red Road" is first heard after Suzette is fired from her Sunset Strip bartending job and finds herself at home reminiscing about her youthful days with Vinnie. Rabin describes, "It's a great departure song, but also a blast-off song." Fittingly, it becomes her driving song, as portions of it are played when she drives the "Shitbox" to find her old friend, Vinnie. and again when she leaves town, destinations unknown, with her new cohort, Harry.

Suzette and Vinnie's dancing sequence opens with The Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House" and transitions into a slow-moving montage that begins with "The Morning Dew." performed by Robert Plant. When the song was first released in l968. performed by Lulu. who was married to Bee Gee member Maurice Gibb. it charted within the top 50 in the U.S. Bissell says of the song, "It's pretty obscure, but the way Robert treats it is beautiful. I think it's the best post-Zeppelin song I've heard him sing." Rabin adds. "There's a beautiful sort of wispiness to it...Robert's voice is so perfect for what this movie is."

Considering the fact that one of Suzette's great claims to fame in the story is that Jim Morrison passed out underneath her while in ‘the act." Dolman says it was important to the story that there be a song from The Doors in the picture. "The Crystal Ship." written and performed by The Doors, immediately follows the present-day montage in the club and features images from THE BANGER SISTERS' lives circa 1969. Rabin describes. "Listening to the lyrics certainly brings you back to the time, but also deals with the fragility of memory. It's a very beautiful. fragile, almost glassy song."

Returning to their lives with a newfound appreciation, THE BANGER SISTERS climb atop a billboard in present day to reflect on the passage of time and their youth. The music playing in the background is a re-recording by Rabin of The Animals' "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."


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