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The Last Wrap-Up

In the end, everyone involved had their own interpretation of the 50­odd shooting days that resulted in this film adaptation of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, days that occasionally and appropriately matched Thompson's Gonzo Journalism with its cinematic equivalent.

Comments Cassavetti, "Although the spirit of Fear and Loathing is Gonzo moviemaking, the production, despite the very moderate budget, was actually well organized. I mean, it's not General Patton's campaign into the Ardennes, but we embarked in the spirit of doing something fast and dangerous, and we never suffered any major setbacks."

"Fear and Loathing is finally about the American Spirit," says Nabulsi. "We are adventurers and outlaws, forging new territory all the time in a free country. There's been a lot of clamping down on such creativity in recent years, and this movie offers an antidote to that state of mind. I would like audiences to have a lot of fun and a good laugh, but take away with them a sense that we have a tradition in this country of not being afraid to say whatever the truth is of that time or moment in spite of what's going on."

"I think Terry is a dreamer," offers Del Toro, "and his movies are about dreamers. He's a visionary and it was quite amazing to see him take everything to another level. That motivates us as actors and everybody around him to do the best they can. I worked very hard on this film because Terry was right there with a big stick. He's definitely the captain."

Adds Depp, "Terry came in, grabbed it, shook it around and did it right. He's one of the best directors I've ever worked with, one of the most inventive, pure, organic experiences that I've had. He'll give you a piece of direction, it sparks something in you, and boom. There's a huge explosion or flurry of creativity.

"No one has enough money to pay for the experience I've had on this movie," concludes the actor. "To be able to spend the amount of time I did with Hunter, and then to work with Terry, Benicio and the incredible company of actors and crew. Going into the project, I knew that this would be our one time-and one time only-to make it happen right. I think the whole crew felt that, so every day was like a kind of odd celebration."

Gilliam has his own typically unorthodox take of what he hoped to accomplish with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. "My guess is that today's audience wants this film desperately. I think they need it. That's why I've been referring to Fear and Loathing as a cinematic enema for the '90s-just clean out the system."

"There's a lot of shame attached to this movie, and we're all very sorry," concludes Gilliam with a characteristic Cheshire Cat grin. "We want to apologize in advance for whatever it is that we've done..."


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