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About The Production (Continued)
Demme's technical crew included two of his most valued collaborators, director of photography Tak Fujimoto, who has shot most of the director's films since starting out together in 1974, and editor Carol Littleton who cut Swimming to Cambodia and Beloved. He chose Academy Award®-winner Rachel Portman (Emma), who wrote the score for Beloved, as his composer. Joining his team for the first time were production designer Hugo Luczyc-Wyhowski and costumer designer Catherine Leterrier.

Demme's shooting crew was primarily French. "It was exciting to work with an all French crew," he said. "Everybody on the crew reads the script, everyone is a cineaste, everyone has an opinion, and it creates an incredible camaraderie on the set that adds to the creative mix, to the sense of immediacy and excitement in filming."

Filming began with scenes inside the French Police Headquarters Interrogation Room, then moved to Avenue Bosquet in the Seventh Arrondissement for interiors of Reggie and Charlie's apartment. The company's next stop was Place de Ia Concorde for Reggie's initial encounter with Mr. Bartholomew while riding the Millenium Wheel.

Several scenes inside Reggie's Hotel Langlois bedroom and bathroom were shot on studio sets. Back on the streets, the unit filmed at the labyrinthine flea market in the city's Clignancourt district, then shot exteriors of Reggie and Charlie's apartment on Rue Greuze in the fashionable 16th Arrondissement.

The unit shot exteriors in Montmartre and moved afterwards to the Gare du Nord, filming inside the Eurostar train when Reggie tries to flee the city. Scenes were also filmed at Charles de Gaulle Airport, underneath the Arc de Triomphe.

The Hotel des Crois6s (Hotel of the Crusades) on Rue St. Lazare provided the exterior, main lobby and stairwells for the film's many important Hotel Langlois scenes. The movie hotel is named in honor of Henri Langlois, creator of the legendary Cin6mathdque Franqaise, "the church where the original New Wave filmmakers reportedly gathered to worship cinema." After filming, the owners of the Hotel des Crois~s actually changed the official name to the Hotel Langlois! The movie company donated the Hotel Langlois marquee constructed by the art department to the Hotel's appreciative -and cinema-loving - owners.

Scenes were also filmed on Boulevard St. Germain and on Rue des Rosiers.

"We wanted the geography of the scenes to be a bit confusing, like the story, like the maze that Reggie's caught in," said production designer Hugo Luczyc-Wyhowski, "and we wanted to show Paris as something other than just a beautiful place. We wanted things to be real but we also wanted a kind of heightened reality."

"We tried to use locations that were interesting graphically, that contributed to the camera movement. We shot in a lot of corridors. For the second police investigation we shot in a 19th century corridor in the Gare du Nord and this contrasted to the corridor we shot in underneath the Arc de Triomphe traffic circle in which Reggie is led to the morgue where she has to identify Charlie's body.

"Jonathan's idea was to throw away the rule book and get back to being playful," the production designer said.


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