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About The Production (Continued)
Terry Crews plays Miss Pearly's menacing son, Damon, who has just returned home after twelve years of incarceration on a level four prison yard. "Damon is a brother who's been in prison for the last two films and comes out of jail with a different outlook," says Crews. "He basically gets turned on by brothers now, but doesn't think he's gay. I'm not playing him as a gay man, because the character is about being strong or weak like that whole prison mentality."

"The beautiful thing about Terry Crews in the role is that he actually worked as a security guard for us on the set of Next Friday," says Alvarez. "After doing some security on various films, he finally got the acting bug, and we're fortunate enough to have a roll that was perfect for him."

With Suga from Next Friday being kicked to the curb by Uncle Elroy, Sommore takes on the role of Cookie, Suga's little sister, Elroy's new girlfriend and a waitress at Bros. Bar-B-Q. "Cookie is the straight character in the midst of all the buffoonery and the craziness," comments Sommore. "Elroy dumped her sister and she just wants to please Elroy whenever and wherever she can."

Executive producer Douglas Curtis notes that, "Sommore has an amazing stand- up routine and knows those guys from the comedy circuit, and was able to come in and punch in her lines and hang with the big boys."

In addition to keeping a watch on their fathers' barbeque business as rent-a-cops, Craig and Day-Day are also responsible for the rest of security at the strip mall, including Pimp and Ho's clothing store and its flamboyant owner, Money Mike. "Money Mike is kind of a combination of Prince and Morris Day," laughs Cube. "He has the pimp attitude, but he's a little guy who doesn't ever seem to realize his diminutive stature."

"Money Mike is the new breed of pimp for the millennium," exclaims Katt Williams, who portrays the character. "First of all, one must understand that pimping is a sport. It's the oldest profession, but everything must evolve with the times and move forward. This is 2002 and players like Money Mike are no longer on the street corner. I could possibly go to jail and that's totally unacceptable. I have a legitimate business and file W-2s, W-4s and W-9s. I'm also giving back to the pimp community by supplying them with their haberdasheries and fine evening wear."

Working the sales floor of Pimp and Ho's and the object of Craig's affection is the clothing store's sexy sales associate, Donna, who also happens to be Money Mike's main squeeze. "Donna's a naive young girl from the South who was brought out to LA by her pimp boyfriend," explains producer Matt Alvarez. "She's the girl who audiences want Cube to take onto his arm and say that everything is going to be OK. Although this is K.D. Aubert's first film, she has the natural ability to improv and play off of the other actors."

Just a few stores down from Pimp and Ho's is the fly-infested Holy Moly's donut shop, which is run by strip mall owner and bear claw-loving Moly, played by Maz Jobrani. "Moly is this frustrated guy from Ragustan, which is a country that Cube created," says Jobrani. "He came to the hood, bought a strip mall, opened his own donut shop and wants the neighborhood kids to share his love of donuts. The only problem is nobody comes in to the shop because the place is so dirty and ha

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