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In putting together Die Another Day, their fourth Bond feature, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli's first needed to find a director. Broccoli says, "We had to find someone who could get their head around the franchise and the expectations people have, then craft a new story that gives the public even more than they expected.

"Lee Tamahori's body of work is amazing," she continues. "Once Were Warriors is one of the greatest films made in the last fifty years. He has great energy and visual sense. We felt he had a strong vision for the film and could take it to another level."

They also had to come up with a script that would meet that higher level. "Working with the writers is a group effort," says Wilson. "We brainstorm for weeks, kicking around ideas until we come up with some kind of plot."

"We always start off with the topical aspect," Broccoli says. "What is the world worried about, now or in the next couple of years? And what is James Bond's position in that arena? With Die Another Day, we talked about the places in the world that still had an aura of mystery and intrigue. And Korea is one of those places. Then we discussed how a villain could be introduced into this scenario and what journey could we take Bond on that he hasn't been on before. What challenges could we greet him with? It was quite a long process."

"We decided that Bond would be captured and thrown into a military prison," says Wilson. "Pierce really responded to that. He's always looking for some new aspect of the character to explore.

"There are two aspects to Fleming," Wilson continues. "One is character – James Bond and the people in his world – and the other is story. When we're preparing a Bond film, we always look back to the novels and the Fleming material for that."

"Character is most important," says Broccoli. "Bond is so complex and multi-faceted you can always tap in to some new aspect, particularly with Pierce. He has such humanity and vulnerability. We can go into areas we haven't been. In this film he's captured and tortured and yet survives to fight another day."

Casting became the next important hurdle. The producers feel they've assembled an incredible cast for Die Another Day. "The casting element is probably one of the most exciting of the whole process," says Broccoli. "There are wonderful actors in this film – they're all amazing."

The producers were also quite impressed with Halle Berry. "Halle is an incredible human being," says Wilson. "Working with her was one of the great experiences of our lives. She and Pierce have wonderful chemistry. She's very beautiful and very professional and she is so natural. She's wonderful in the movie – the ultimate Bond woman in many ways."

The responsibility of continuing the Bond legacy is tough. "I am often asked how we keep the series going," says Broccoli. "We have over 300 people out there shooting the movie – that's what keeps it going. My father started making the films in the sixties and we have a really dedicated crew of people, generations of people who care about their work and James Bond. Every single person contributes to their success."

New Zealand director Lee Tamahori was the unanimous choice to direc

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