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About The Locations

MAUI, HAWAII: The opening scene sees Bond surfing on a giant wave with two other surfers as he covertly approaches the North Korean coast. This sequence was filmed off the north shore of Maui – the only place in the world able to provide waves big enough for three surfers to ride a single wave. Known as "Jaws," these huge waves only occur a few times a year. Filming with a special surf unit took place on December 26, 2001, under the supervision of executive producer Anthony Waye.

ICELAND: The second unit filmed a major part of the ice field car chase while based at Hofn, an hour's flight from Reykjavík. Surrounded by towering glaciers, the frozen ice lagoon at Jokulsárlón was the venue for the sequence, described as an "ice ballet" by the director. Amply attired against sub-zero temperatures, the unit spent three weeks in this beautiful location obtaining remarkable footage. To retain a certain amount of control on the ice, both vehicles were adapted to 4-wheel drive by Chris Corbould's SFX department.

SPAIN: With its Atlantic coastline, located in the southwest area of Spain, Cadiz was selected to represent Havana and the Cuban countryside. Unseasonable inclement weather made filming more difficult, but it was still possible to shoot the sequence showing a bikini-clad Halle Berry wading ashore in a silent homage to Ursula Andress' character, Honey Rider, in the 1962 Bond film Dr. No.

UNITED KINGDOM: Key scenes for the pre-title sequence Hovercraft chase were filmed over several acres at the Army Driving Training Area at Aldershot, about thirty miles south of London, and at nearby Hawley Hill, where the army constructed a Bayley Bridge (the last to be built in the UK) for the early exchange of prisoners scene. The exterior of a US bunker at the edge of the demilitarized zone in South Korea was filmed at RAF Odiham, Hampshire.

Other locations include the London Manston Airport in Kent, where scenes with the Antonov cargo plane were filmed, and the airfield runways at Rissington, where part of the frozen lagoon was created for car chase stunts. A vast cement works at Chinnor in Oxfordshire was utilized to film the final stages of the Hovercraft chase.

London locations include the exclusive Reform Club in Pall Mall, which is featured as Blades, a fencing club where Bond and Graves cross swords. The exterior of Buckingham Palace is where Graves makes his entrance via parachute.

The Eden Project, a huge series of conservatories or Bio-Domes in the southwest of England containing several themed vistas (including a tropical rainforest), was also the inspiration for an amazing set constructed on a studio stage where several action scenes featuring Bond and Jinx were filmed.


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