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One of the greatest adventure stories ever told – Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island – takes on a new dimension of entertainment and excitement in Walt Disney Pictures' thrilling new animated feature, "Treasure Planet.” Redefining the state of the art for animation, the filmmakers take moviegoers on a daring and imaginative journey across a fantasy universe that combines expert hand-drawn animation, incredible 3D "virtual sets,” along with superb acting and storytelling. At the center of the story is fifteen-year-old Jim Hawkins, who joins the crew of an intergalactic expedition as cabin boy aboard a glittering space galleon. Befriended by the ship's cook, a charismatic cyborg (part man, part machine) named John Silver, Jim blossoms under his guidance, and shows the makings of a fine "spacer” as he and the alien crew battle supernovas, black holes and ferocious space storms. But even greater dangers lie ahead when Jim discovers that his trusted friend Silver is actually a scheming pirate with mutiny in mind. Confronted with a betrayal that cuts deep to his soul, Jim is transformed from boy to man as he finds the strength to face down the mutineers and discovers a "treasure” greater than he had ever imagined.

As an added bonus, moviegoers in many cities around the world will be able to see special engagements of "Treasure Planet” in IMAX® Theatres and large format cinemas. Reformatted with meticulous detail especially for these venues, the film becomes the first to ever open simultaneously in 35mm and large format versions. Large format prints showcase the film's dimensional space settings to maximum advantage and immerse viewers into the beauty, grandeur and excitement of this fantasy world.

At the creative helm of "Treasure Planet” are Disney's acclaimed directing/producing/writing duo, John Musker and Ron Clements. This is the fifth film they have created for Disney and it follows such other distinguished features as "The Great Mouse Detective” (1986), "The Little Mermaid” (1989), "Aladdin” (1992) and "Hercules” (1997). A CalArts graduate, Musker joined Disney in 1977 as an assistant animator ("The Small One,” "The Fox and the Hound”) and went on to work as an animator and story artist before becoming a director. Clements, who began making super-8 animated films as a teenager, came to Disney in 1976 and served a two-year apprenticeship under Disney animation great Frank Thomas. He moved from inbetweener to assistant to animator/story artist with credits on such films as "Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too,” "The Rescuers,” "Pete's Dragon,” "The Fox and the Hound,” and "The Black Cauldron.” He first teamed with Musker in 1983 to write and direct "The Great Mouse Detective.”

Overseeing the entire production in his role as producer was Roy Conli, a ten-year veteran of Disney's Feature Animation department, whose previous assignments include a co-producing role on the 1996 animated feature, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and a three-year stint running Disney's Paris-based animation studio (overseeing the production of "Hercules” and "Tarzan”). Conli's background also includes impressive and extensive credits producing and managing stage productions. Assisting him on "Treasure Planet” was associate producer Peter Del Vecho. Neil Eskuri served as artistic coordinator for the film with Tina Price on board as assistant artistic coordinator.

According to Thomas Schumacher, president of Walt Disney Feature Animation, "There are many sources for the animated films we make at Disney. Sometimes we turn to myth, legend and lore; sometimes they're based on wholly original stories; and sometimes we turn to great literature like we did with ‘Tarzan' and ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame.' In the case of presents ‘Treasure Planet,' we were inspired by the fantastic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is the classic young man's adventure story; the classic pirate story; and the classic search-for treasure story. J

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