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Sharing the silver screen for the first time, internationally renowned actors Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant star in Two Weeks Notice, the third collaboration between actress-producer Bullock and screenwriter Marc Lawrence, best known for writing her hit films Miss Congeniality and Forces of Nature.  "It's scary and challenging to do a comedic love story,” Bullock reveals.  "It's difficult enough to be funny, but to find just the right chemistry with someone isn't easy, either.  I feel very fortunate that this project came together and allowed me to collaborate with Marc and Hugh, two men I really admire.”

The film also marks the culmination of Bullock and actor-producer Grant's long search to find the ideal project to do together.  "I've always wanted to work with Sandy because to my mind, to my eye and my ear, no one does this kind of comedy better than she does,” says Grant, star of the internationally acclaimed hits About a Boy, Bridget Jones's Diary and Notting Hill.  "She can be attractive, sexy, believable, funny and romantic all at the same time.  We did actually meet up a few years ago to talk about the possibility of working together.  I told her a revolting story about the hotel room next door to the one in which I was staying, and I think that put her off for another three years.”

On the contrary, says the famously good-natured Bullock: "Hugh is not only a gifted comedian, he's a consummate filmmaker and an incredibly accomplished actor on many levels.  No one else can do it like Hugh can.”

While in post-production on Miss Congeniality, Marc Lawrence began writing an original screenplay with Bullock and Grant in mind.  "I liked the idea of writing a movie about two people who work closely together and share an intense relationship, but have never dealt with their romantic feelings for each other,” Lawrence recalls.

Bullock had an unwitting hand in the evolution of a project she would eventually choose to produce through her production company, Fortis Films, as well as star in.  "I kept looking over Marc's shoulder at his laptop and I would read a scene and add a couple of lines.  But I didn't realize I was adding lines to something he was writing for me,” Bullock says with a laugh.

"I love the dynamic Marc created between Lucy Kelson and George Wade,” she continues.  "They drive each other crazy but you want to see them make it work, even though it seems virtually impossible.  Ultimately, Lucy and George have to ask themselves ‘Is it too late to tell the other person I love them?'  And how do you take that kind of risk when you're not sure how the other person feels?”

Lawrence's Two Weeks Notice screenplay also struck a chord with highly sought-after leading man Grant.  "I sent the script to my closest friends in London and said ‘Am I drunk or on drugs, or is this really as funny as I think?'  And they sent it back saying ‘Yes, it really is,'” Grant remembers.  "Marc combines very sharp wit with quite a lot of humanity.  I was always keen to do one of his scripts, and what particularly appealed to me about this project was the idea of two people who have this intensely intimate relationship, but they're totally unaware that they're in love until it's almost too late.”

Bullock and Grant not only put their faith in Lawrence's screenplay, but they also championed the writer's transition to directing.  "It's difficult to convince actors to take the

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