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"The Look of the Gambler"
Costume designer Jacqueline West enhanced the film's distinct design by dressing Wahlberg in clothing that matched his character's dual identity. West explains: "I didn't want to make him a cliché academic in cords or tweeds or chambray shirts. He had to have a foot in both worlds, the world of the night and the daytime world of the campus, and he had to look almost out of place in both but yet be able to navigate through both."

Cognizant of Jim's wealthy background, West chose Armani suits for Wahlberg and employed a palate that goes from dark to light as Jim's story progresses. Unfortunately for West, Wahlberg's diet continued during the holiday hiatus between his fittings and the start of production. "He lost even more weight, and when it came time to do a camera test right after the holidays, the suits were already loose on him," West says. "Everybody loved that. It really shows somebody who no longer cares about taking care of themselves."

West, who worked with John Goodman on Argo, enjoyed finding a signature look for Frank. "He's so collaborative and keen to think outside of the box. He looks different than he does in any other movie, not only because of his shaved head. I based him on Frank Sinatra -- not young Frank Sinatra the teen idol, but more the Palm Springs, Las Vegas look -- from the white shoes to the powder blue coat. I think he really pulled it off," West says.


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