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About The Production
Joe Carnahan's "Narc" has the distinction of being the first feature film launched by Tiara Blu Films, a production company founded by Ray Liotta, Michelle Grace and Diane Nabatoff. According to Liotta, the minute it came across his desk, he recognized it as a great project to launch the company.

"The script is so smartly written, the story is so solid, and Joe Carnahan has such a passion for the film that Michelle, Diane and I thought it was a great way to start off Tiara BIn," says Liotta. "Joe's got a great future in filmmaking and we were proud to come aboard to help him start living his dream."

Producer Diane Nabatoff feels the same way. "Joe's script is incredibly well-written. It hits you right in the gut," says Nabatoff. "It's edgy, raw and honest. While it looks like a regular story leading toward a singular goal, all the characters have different agendas that are in conflict with one another, making the film a lot more complex than it first appears. That's the genius of Joe."

Known for backing new filmmakers, such as E. Elias Merhige ("Shadow of the Vampire" and the upcoming "Suspect Zero") and Alejandro Amenabar ("The Others" and "Abre Los Ojos," upon which "Vanilla Sky" was based), the veteran producers of the "Mission Impossible" blockbusters, Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner of Cruise/Wagner Productions, came aboard to support Joe Carnahan and see that "Narc" receives the attention and recognition it deserves.

"I enjoy movies, not just making them, but watching them as well. I also enjoy helping other filmmakers, especially those as dedicated to the art of filmmaking as Joe Carnahan," says Cruise. "When I saw ‘Narc' for the first time, I was struck by the raw intensity — the almost voyeuristic approach Joe took in telling this story."

"‘Narc' is one of those rare films that comes along and grabs you," adds Wagner. "When you finish watching it, you know you've just experienced something very special."

Commenting on the exceptional acting in the film, Cruise goes on to say that "Ray Liotta and Jason Patric are a powerhouse team and they play off of each other so beautifully that I forgot I was watching a film. Joe's use of their combined talents to drive the story is nothing short of brilliant. It's a thrill for me to be lending my support to this project."

Wagner agrees wholeheartedly: "Tom and I are proud to support a film of this caliber, which showcases the extraordinary performances of Jason Patric and Ray Liotta. Joe Carnahan has certainly made one of the most innovative and fresh films I have seen, and as a new director, he has one of the most unique voices in cinema today. The off-screen story of how ‘Narc' was made," adds Wager, "demonstrates how a filmmaker's passion can drive through the most difficult circumstances in order to make a project not only survive but thrive. The passion guts and talent of everyone involved with this film is truly inspiring."

To writer/director Joe Carnahan, the arduous journey of having "Narc" come to fruition was like a phoenix rising, and as far as he is concerned, "Ray Liotta really pulled it from the ashes," throwing himself<


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