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Peaceful Amity: Launching into the Action
The film starts with a palette of earth tones including saffrons, yellows, khakis, ochres, siennas, browns and maroons. "Much of the action in Divergent took place in darker places, like the Dauntless Pit," comments Wick. "We were so happy that Veronica started the book in this bright, rustic Amity, so we could open the film with sunshine and beauty in the middle of Tris' nightmare. That contrast was great. Part of the way to build on the original film was to show lighter parts of the world."

Octavia Spencer, whose character Johanna plays the leader of Amity who grants the heroes refuge inside the faction's peaceful farm, says, "The scope of Amity is epic-one of my favorite sets that I've ever been on, with a massive green meadow and beautiful farmlands. We have this gorgeous geo-dome, built around this majestic tree. Amity is very different from what you see in the other factions. Our colors are bright, earthy, golds and reds for very sunny people. I love that; it's breathtaking."

Filmmakers had six weeks, hampered by spring rain, to create the 13-acre Amity set inside an established rural community. Over 200 workers of every type of craft worked seven days a week on three major structures: constructing the signature Amity Dome with the tree centerpiece, building a crumbling concrete freeway overpass, and altering the existing horse stable. All the while, dozens of greens crew members planted vegetables, flowers and grass crops, and covered parking areas and sidewalks with tons of organic material.

"The idea was to be able to film 360 degrees around, run all over the place, drive trucks through our set," says art director Alan Hook. "We had drones out there filming and huge scoping cranes. The dome was a huge wood and glass structure: 65 feet tall and 100 feet around. We need all of this at the top of the shooting schedule, so pulling it all off in time was probably the biggest nail-biter on the show. We worked on the dome right up until the morning that it was shot.

"Robert was very clear early on that the first set needed to have a wow factor," adds Hook. "The audience needed to come over that rise, look out under the broken-down expressway, over the field, and see the dome. Our heroes have just run through the woods and the first thing they see needs to be a big visual statement. I'm proud of the dome and the team who created it."

Tris' sunny Amity wardrobe was also in contrast to her turmoil. "I showed Robert 50 or 60 ideas for Amity women," remembers Mingenbach. "In the first movie, you only see bits of Amity. This time Robert and I talked about opening up the palette, seeing more skin, and putting more variety in their costumes. That's also how we found the look for Naomi Watts in Factionless, as well as Tris' main costume."

"The key to the Amity set design is the crumbling concrete overpass in view of the dome and the barn. You have to see that Amity is an artificial society superimposed on what was there before," says Hammond. "In our research phase Robert found a photo of two girls on a swing underneath an overpass. We used that image early in the film because it created the right juxtaposition-a sense of Eden where you never forget that this is a ruined world."

Johanna's barn loft office, facial scar and flowing costumes helped Octavia Spencer find her character, who has chosen to make peace the main value of her life. Set decorator Kathy Lucas and her team spent weeks scouring the Georgia countryside for the many textured and weathered pieces of one-of-a-kind furniture for the office. That style "happens to be a chic interior design motif right now, so we were able to find stuff that looked reclaimed, or was," says Lucas. "Also some very talented local set dressers actually built a lot of the furniture."

Prosthetics makeup artist Margie Kaklamanos was flown in to create the character's signature facial scar. "We did quite a few makeup tests before we started filming," says Spencer. "Getting the scar applied definitely takes me out of Octavia's world into Johanna's world. There is a story behind that scar, which she wears like a badge of honor, and it brings me to who the character is."

In addition to the massive sets and incredible costumes and makeup, for this installment, Hammond and his art department also designed new vehicles and weapons, which played heavily in the heroes' escape and chase from Amity. The 55,000-pound military vehicles that carry Max and Eric to find the rebels in Amity had recently been decommissioned as troop carriers in Afghanistan.

Schwentke insisted on verisimilitude when it came to weaponry as well. "Robert wanted his guns to actually fire," says Hammond. "He wanted to see the recoil, the muzzle flash and the shells ejecting. We redesigned the weapons from scratch based on existing weapons systems, and we had casings made that fit onto real firearms."

The Divergent Series: Insurgent team also designed a cargo train on which to stage a fight when Tris, Four and Caleb first encounter the Factionless. "Our mission was to put a phenomenal fight scene together," states Prescott. "We always adapt to the environment and the side-by-side train cars were a unique, cool place to stage a fight-we could bring guys in and out, hang them off fabric, and use the train and the sliding doors as weapons."

"Inside the train, we created layers, nooks, crannies and levels to give the stunts a playground," says Hook. And while Tris, Four and Caleb's safety is so tenuous on board, audiences will be waiting in suspense to see if the Factionless compound they are headed to will prove even more dangerous refuge.

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