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Factionless: A Secret World
As Roth explains, "Abnegation believe in selflessness, Candor believe in honesty, Dauntless are into bravery, Erudite value intelligence, and Amity value kindness, peacefulness and friendship. A person still in the faction system believes that to be Factionless means to be without community, to be disenfranchised and on your own, and a failure in the most essential way. But, to someone who is Factionless, it means freedom."

"The Amity palette was specific, but the Factionless palette is all over the place," comments Hammond. "One of the main challenges was making Factionless into something. We realize they may have been homeless at one point, but they're far from that now. We discovered that they're actually as well organized as any faction."

The four-story-high Factionless set filled an entire warehouse space and continued outside into the parking lot. "Factionless is another showcase of Alec Hammond's incredible production design. It's colorful, it's full of life, it's a little steampunk, it's got a retro feel, and it's teeming with life. It's just a beautiful set," comments Lieberman.

"Factionless is the one place in Divergent Chicago where we see art, graffiti, murals and individual expressions of color in their living spaces and their clothes," adds Hammond.

The interior portion consists of concrete cubbies, each with a different apartment and its own unique story inside. The set also features a full-sized scrap-wood house dropped in the middle of all the concrete features, home to Factionless leader Evelyn. "The world has been meticulously mapped out-each character has such specificity to the props and set dressing in their environment," says Lieberman.

Naomi Watts, who plays Evelyn, agrees. "The Factionless set was incredible, especially the way they have built something out of nothing, recycling old junk," says the actress. "I brought my boys to set once and they still talk about it to this day. I loved working there. I would have brought some pieces home with me if I could."

In addition to the individualized cubbies, filmmakers designed a new logo that appears as graffiti and new tattoos for the Factionless. But it was their clothes that provided the biggest expression of their individuality. "We saw Factionless only briefly as homeless people in the first movie, but they play very strongly in this film," says Mingenbach. "An important story point is that they are these super-strong, creative characters, and we expressed that with stronger colors and more outlandish clothes at home.

"Evelyn's signature item started as a vintage jacket with a bit of white detailing at the edges," she continues. Producer Douglas Wick suggested throwing paint on the jacket to add contrast. "We ended up throwing bleach at it, a pretty scary thing to do, but it looked fantastic. It's so nice to have producers who are involved and interested. I don't know if I would have thrown bleach at a one-of-a-kind jacket on my own," she laughs.

To film the turning point where Tris decides to save her allies by turning herself in to Jeanine, filmmakers shot a scene where Tris walks from Factionless to Erudite. To capture her courageous journey, filmmakers arranged a brief shoot in Chicago, which involved opening all the bridges over the Chicago River simultaneously. "Tris is journeying across the city to give herself up to Jeanine and we realized this is a moment where we could really show off Chicago," reveals Hook. "One of the defining elements in the city is the river with its bridges. In the film, Lake Michigan has dried up and so has the river; so we have Tris walk right down the middle of the Chicago River."

To accomplish this, production worked with the Coast Guard to hold boat traffic and the Department of Transportation to coordinate all of the bridges. "The Chicago River is in the middle of the city. It intersects Michigan Avenue and is the busiest and most tourist-filled area, so we couldn't have done it without tremendous cooperation from the city," says supervising location manager, Janice Polley.

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