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On Top of Candor
Insurgent clearly states that Candor Headquarters is located within the landmark Chicago Merchandise Mart. To create Candor in Atlanta, filmmakers used the rooftop patio of Atlanta's AmericasMart for the attack, and a spacious, glassed portion of the interior of the top floor to build Jack Kang's office.

Polley notes, "The actual Merchandise Mart in Chicago is about the size of a New York City block, and it's right next to the Chicago River. There's absolutely no comparison in size to any building in Atlanta. Using the AmericasMart buildings was challenging because in the attack sequence, stuntmen were zip-lining from another 26th floor rooftop over to our 22nd floor rooftop over Peachtree Street. For safety we had to get permission to shut down the biggest street running through downtown Atlanta."

The Candor attack sequence was complicated for other reasons as well, explains Wade Allen. "The roof of Candor Headquarters is being assaulted from three separate surrounding rooftops, with harpoon lines across the void. We had guys rappelling off the buildings, and up to six people at a time zip-lining while firing weapons across a 300-foot-tall gap in the buildings. Great fun for a stunt team."

An additional set for the Candor assembly forum was built at the new OFS production facility in Norcross, Georgia. "The truth-telling set was an example of a creative solution to a potentially expensive challenge," says Lieberman. "In the scene, Four and Tris have to bare their souls in front of the entire faction, after they've taken this truth serum. In the book, the space is described as a stadium-seating arena lecture hall, and we were having a lot of trouble finding that available in Atlanta, so Alec and Robert decided to do something completely different. They came up with this truth-telling pod, which is all mirrors. The conceptual idea is that once you go inside you can't turn anywhere without looking out at other people, and at the same time seeing yourself. It embodies the idea of vulnerability. That mirrored set is one of those instances where the space really embodies the feel of what you want."

Jack Kang's glass office to the truth-telling pod embody what the Candor faction stand for: being able to see through lies and the vulnerability one feels when telling the truth to others by having to look at yourself.

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