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About The Bikers
Fortunately for the filmmakers, several members of the "Biker Boyz" cast were already seasoned motorcycle riders, including Laurence Fishburne, Kid Rock, Djimon Hounsou, Orlando Jones, Tyson Beckford and Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

"I've been riding since I was a kid," says Kid Rock. "I own a dirt bike, and obviously a Harley, a Triumph and a couple of choppers." He was also one of the actors lucky enough to have experience on the bike he was asked to ride in the film. "Yeah, I like the chopper that I'm riding; I dare say it's the hottest bike in the movie."

In fact, Kid Rock's prowess with the bike was something of a surprise to technical advisor Anthony "Zeke" Settle. "He came on set and I was supposed to evaluate his riding ability. He flew past me to the point where I had to go grab a helmet, jump on a motorcycle, catch up with him and bring him back, saying, ‘Hey, man, calm it down,'" Settle laughs.

Laurence Fishburne's bike in the film, a 1300cc monster of a sport bike, is a different animal from the bikes in his personal collection, which include a "Captain America," an Indian and a Ducati. Smoke's custom bike is lighter than any of the cruisers owned by Fishburne and accelerates at a rocket-like clip. "But once he got some time on the bike, it was like second nature," Settle offers.

Reggie Rock Bythewood was equally impressed. "Laurence started becoming Smoke in front of my eyes. It was amazing to see him transform into this motorcycle racing legend."

Salli Richardson-Whitfield was faced with the opposite transition. She had to go from a small, nimble sport bike to a behemoth of a cruiser. "In real life, I ride a Honda F3600. In this, I'm riding a V-Twin 1000. It's very intimidating when you get onto a bike that is so much bigger than what you're used to riding because you just feel that weight."

The "Biker Boyz" cast also included a few intermediate riders, like Derek Luke and Larenz Tate, but the veterans were far outnumbered by a slew of newbies to the motorcycle lifestyle, including almost all of Kid's Biker Boyz, who were starting from scratch. Rick Gonzalez, Brendan Fehr, Dante and Dion Basco, Terrence Howard and Lisa Bonet all had to report to a kind of motorcycle "boot camp," led by Settle.

With Settle's coaching, the actors were soon riding like seasoned bikers, though there were a few close calls. Lisa Bonet had a bit of an accident, as she tells, "It was four in the morning and I was tired, and it all happened in slow motion. I didn't crash anything; I just forgot to put the kickstand up," she admits.

Dion Basco says that the only one not allowed on the set when he and his brother were doing their riding scenes was their mother. "She was not allowed to come down. She'd have flipped out. She threatened to divorce my dad if he ever got a motorcycle, so we figured, better keep her away."

Producer Stephanie Allain notes that several cast members had their views of motorcycles changed by their exposure to bike riding on the set. "Almost everybody is thinking about buying a bike, if they haven't already. I know, for example, Brendan Fehr already bought a bike."

Fehr's onscreen Biker Boy brother, Rick Gonzalez, however, isn't in such a hurry to trade four wheels for two. "I had never ridden and they got me on a Ducati, the Ferrari of bikes. It was just crazy; I was horrible. I'm still horrible at riding bikes."

In Gonzalez' defense, Settle states, "Out of all the actors, Rick had the hardest bike to ride. They gave him a Ducati, which is a beast of a bike. With the little extra work we did just to get him used to that bike, he did a great job."

In fact, Settle has nothing but<


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