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The improbable beginning of Paul W.S. Anderson's fantastically successful film adaptation of the Resident Evil video game reads like a Hollywood ending. Producer, Jeremy Bolt, who has worked with Anderson for 25 years and on all the films in the series, recalls, "Back in 2002, I went back to England and made a couple of small films, and Paul holed up in his house in Venice Beach where he played video games for 1 month. Out of the blue he called to say 'I've been playing the game Resident Evil and we have got to get the film rights."

Since then the Resident Evil has grown to become the most successful game-to-movie franchise in the history of cinema, the first five installments in the franchise having grossed in excess of $1 billion worldwide and earning consistent No. 1 openings at the box-office. Thrilling fans of Capcom's original video game and action/sci-fi movie audiences alike, the movie franchise has built up a hardcore fan base in the millions and reputation of its own over the 14 years that it has enthralled audiences with cutting edge action and a continually novel approach to the sci-fi/action genre.

Bolt opines about the global success of the series. "I think it's the combination of style, action and horror. It isn't a straight horror movie and it isn't a traditional zombie movie. It has a fantastical, Sci-Fi element. I think Paul introducing the character of Alice, (Milla Jovovich) made it different to the game so that when you go see one of these movies you don't just have to be a fan of the game to enjoy it, you get something extra, which is the character of Alice. I think also we have a good villain in the evil and all-powerful Umbrella Corporation, which is totally relatable in the modern world."

Jovovich shares her ideas as to why audiences have been so enthralled with Resident Evil, "I like to believe that people respond to honesty, passion and fun. When we started we didn't expect this Resident Evil movie to become a franchise, we did it because we loved the video game. Every film has become a labor of love and fun, experiencing more and more in this crazy, amazing, sci-fi world.  Everybody involved just really has a great time doing it. I think audiences respond to that energy and enthusiasm."

Australian actress, Ruby Rose, who plays the role of Abigail in The Final Chapter, explains, "One thing I love about Resident Evil is I feel like often Hollywood is craving a female, kick ass protagonist who isn't always relying on a man; one who isn't there just as the sidekick to a male super hero or the wife to a male lead. It's got to be a female driven role and there are not many of them, and then you kind of scratch your head looking for one, and then realize that there's been one all along! Milla's been doing this for so many years, and she's so much like her character, in real life she's an independent, strong, and inspiring woman, and I think that's got to be a huge reason why people really love the franchise. Then, of course, it's apocalyptic and it's zombies and it's based on a very popular video game. Every single movie incorporates a different country as well and it's become a global phenomenon."

In the world of cinema that is saturated with male leads in action films, Jovovich believes that Alice is an example of a strong female action hero who can hold her own in any situation. "I think that Alice has inspired so many young women to be themselves, to go after what they want and to not be scared of who they are."

"Milla is a very fierce actress, and she can convey focused rage well," says Bolt, "she's a very physical performer and has tremendous screen charisma, and the camera is very drawn to her. She really fills the frame with her personality. She has everything you want from the start, she's magnetic." "What I play on screen, other women are actually acting out in their real lives on an everyday basis. When I see that, from fans who come up and talk about how meaningful this film or character is, and who helped them out in a pivotal point in their lives - either with their school or their family or their boyfriend or their country - I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it because it's just wonderful thinking that I have played some small part in positive growth in these young people's lives." says Jovovich.


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