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Guillermo "Memo" Lucero was the Godfather of the Mexican drug cartel, controlling a vast multi-billion dollar empire of drug trafficking into the United States through the Mexico/U.S. border in California. But on a night raid in Tijuana, American DEA agents, working with Mexico's elite Grupo Tactico unit, finally apprehended Lucero. The key agents for the Americans were Sean Vetter (Vin Diesel) and his partner Demetrius Hicks (Larenz Tate).

These young agents grew up together in L.A., and chose to pursue crime fighting as an alternative to life on the streets. "At a young age, Sean and Demetrius sought to create their own family," says Vin Diesel, who plays DEA Agent Vetter, "something they could depend on and rely on through life. They both left the street together to work for the right side of the law."

Vetter has also built a life with his wife, Stacy, played by Jacqueline Obradors. "She's his rock," says Diesel. "She's the reason he didn't go a certain way, but even more than that – she is his existence, the reason that he wakes up every day. He can't see life beyond the experience of this marriage. It's almost religious; he has that kind of conviction."

Portraying Sean Vetter's wife is Jacqueline Obradors, a rising star who previously appeared in Six Days, Seven Nights and is a regular on the hit ABC series "NYPD Blue." "Stacy is a very earthy, organic kind of a woman," says Obradors. "She loves her husband and will do anything for him, and is very supportive of him and his career. I think we're at the phase in our relationship where we're ready to have children and expand the family. They have such a sweet relationship that when disaster strikes it makes it all the more tragic."

With Memo Lucero locked away for life in a maximum-security prison, it doesn't take long for a new player to take the reins as the new kingpin of the Mexican cartels. This new player is only known, and feared on the streets, as Diablo…the Devil. Whoever Diablo is, he doesn't follow the same code of honor as his predecessor; he will wreak unfathomable misery upon his enemies, bringing vicious retaliation against anyone who stands in his way of money and power.

When Stacy is killed in a botched hit on Vetter's life, a chain of events unfolds that will only result in more violence and bloodshed, as Vetter seeks justice…and personal revenge. "They took down this huge drug cartel leader, completing a job that took over seven years," Diesel says. "They got all these accolades and thought they could finally rest, only to find that that world and that experience would come back to find Vetter in what he thought would have been this sanctuary, what he thought would have been a safe place."

As his pursuit of Diablo heats up, Vetter becomes much closer to the evil he is trying to contain, and it is up to his partner to help keep him sane and alive. "Demetrius has to make sure that Sean doesn't go off the deep end and get himself killed," comments Larenz Tate. "They're both after Diablo, but the way Sean's going after him is just completely rogue. So, Demetrius tries to keep him focused, even through the pain and harsh memories of the things that have happened to him."

The elaborate plot to hunt for Diablo takes Vetter and Hicks from Los Angeles to Mexico, from the desert to the asphalt jungle of the ‘hood. Vetter also forms an unlikely alliance with former drug kingpin Lucero, as they both wish to attain the same goal of b

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