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Reitman reveals another key element for him wanting to take on this film

Reitman reveals another key element for him wanting to take on this film. "I've always wanted to work with Harrison Ford," he says. "He's one of the great film actors of all time. Harrison is one of a very few legendary stars who can do action and great dramatic work equally well. You believe him in whatever part he plays-action, drama or comedy.

"And, like earlier film legends, Harrison has a certain grace and strength that makes us want to watch him. The opportunity to work with Harrison was something I certainly didn't take lightly. I thought the chance to be able to do a combination of adventure, comedy, action and romance with him was a wonderful opportunity."

Reitman and Ford got on famously from the start. As Reitman explains, "What one tries to do as a director is win the trust of the actors so that they have a sense that they can count on you. The spectacular thing about Harrison Ford is he's really the greatest non­verbal actor working in films today; he can do more without words than anyone else.

"I think it comes from doing so many action films. He knows how to sell a moment with a look, with a glance, with an eyebrow shift, with something he does with his chin ... and because he works so well non­verbally it really gets into the comedic area, because so much of comedy is not just how you say a line but it's the lisle movement of the face or the shoulder that accents the line just the right way that either results in comedy or not

Discussing his immediate attraction to the project when offered the film role, international superstar Harrison Ford says, "I thought the screenplay was really funny. The relationship with the character Anne played was classic, the attraction of opposites. The deserted isle provided an exotic context. I thought that these elements had the potential for a very entertaining movie. It also gave me the opportunity to play a character who is very different to the ones I'd lately played."

Ford was also attracted to his character's background and the personal mystery of his private life that he keeps very much to himself. "Quinn is an ax­patriot American who has made a new life in Tahiti, flying cargo throughout the islands. He's a bit of a curmudgeon we sense that there have been some serious disappointments in his life," Ford says.

"When the character played by Anne Heche shows up at the airport for the last stage of her journey to Makatea she's expecting a conventional commuter flight, but that aircraft is down for maintenance and Quinn is filling in with his venerable DeHavilland Beaver," Ford notes. "Anne's character takes one look at this well­used plane and its scruffy pilot and has immediate reservations. When they are forced, by an unexpected storm, to make an emergency landing on a deserted island they begin to develop a relationship out of mutual dependency. As they are tested by the events and adventures that result they grow to respect each other and an affection develops. By the end of their adventure something has happened to both these characters which changes their lives forever."

Ford is quick to say, "Anne is an intelligent and versatile actress. She has helped to create a very specific and sympathetic character who is every bit the equal of Quinn. She is both emotionally engaging and funny as hell. I loved working with her."

For her part, Anne Heche says, "Harrison Ford and I feel that our collaboration with director Ivan Reitman has been tremendously

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