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Wakanda Forever!
With its relatable characters and environments, along with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's signature spectacular action, "Black Panther" is set to provide everything Marvel fans expect from a beloved Super Hero's story brought to the big screen.

Chadwick Boseman hopes that people experience the "wow" factor when they see "Black Panther." "You want people to walk out and say 'wow,'" says Boseman. "You want that for all the different reasons-the performances, the spectacle, the fight scenes, all of it."

He thoughtfully adds, "I think part of the reason you make this movie is that it changes perspective. People can see a Super Hero in a different light, or in a different complexion, or a different worldview. So I think you also want that. But at the end of the day you just want them to be like 'wow' at the end."

Summing up, director Ryan Coogler says, "Just the idea of bringing a story and characters like this to fruition, but at the same time dealing with some of the human issues that make Black Panther a regular guy, was so very exciting. What I mostly look forward to is sharing Black Panther's story with the audience and seeing how it impacts them. And especially seeing how it impacts little kids, like I was when I first came to know the character in the comic books."


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