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About The Production

Daddy Day Care was produced entirely in Los Angeles. The filmmakers replicated a large Pasadena home, including the front and backyard gardens, on a soundstage in Century City. The scenes at the Chapman Academy were filmed at a mansion in central L.A.

The most elaborate set was constructed in Verdugo Park where the ‘fund-raising' sequence was filmed. The production rented a string of riding ponies, allowing the kids to ride around in circles all day if they wanted -- which they did. A petting zoo was set up with llamas, goats and lambs.

One of the sequence's highlights is a performance by the hard rock group Cheap Trick, with Garlin as a featured artist. "I had the time of my life," enthuses Garlin. "And the best part was that they were playing so loud, it didn't matter that my singing voice sounded like a man gargling tabasco sauce."

Garlin is obviously exaggerating since, shortly thereafter, Cheap Trick later invited him to perform with them in front of a real paying audience during a play date at the House of Blues in Orange County.


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