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Zipping through tunnels, careening down sidewalks and going where no car and human have gone before, "The Italian Job" gang and the MINIs give a new meaning to "run for the money," in one of the best chase scenes ever captured on film. Integral to Charlie Croker's plan to re-steal the gold, the unique little cars, like the rest of the film's stellar cast, turn in powerful performances bound to make audiences cheer.

Moviegoers also will be rooting for each member of the charismatic crew in "The Italian Job," led by the brains behind both heists, Charlie Croker. Portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. Charlie is a crook with a lot of heart, and this versatile actor certainly has the charm for the role.

"Charlie isn't your average bad guy: he's a likable thief," says Wahlberg. known for playing controversial roles in such films as "Boogie Nights" and "Three Kings." "He's smart, he's playful and he gets the job done. Diverse characters are more interesting to play, and Charlie has several sides to him, not to mention a lot of spirit.''

In fact, all of the actors developed a great team spirit not unlike that of the gang in the film, and everyone truly seemed happy to be along for the ride.

"It's always wonderful to work with people whom you respect and admire," adds Wahlberg. "The cast in this film is absolutely unbelievable."

Charlize Theron, who portrays the nimble-fingered safecracker, Stella, couldn't agree more. "I'm a huge fan of everyone in this film including the MINIs," says the actress, who proved to be one of the more proficient drivers onscreen and off. "This is a wonderful character-driven piece. and the way the cars are worked into the plot, they're just as much a part of the cast as any one of us.

In fact, director F. Gary Gray couldn't have been happier with his diversified cast, pointing out that each actor brought something different to the film that was invaluable.

"Mark Wahlberg has a quiet intelligence just right for the master planner he portrays, and Charlize Theron brings a rare combination of beauty and credibility to her role of Stella," says Gray. "You never doubt her ability to crack a safe or hold her own in a group of guys."

As for Edward Norton, who portrays Steve Frezelli, the cold-hearted villain among the gang of thieves, Gray understands the fine line that Norton had to walk. Since everyone must work together like a well-oiled machine while pulling off the initial heist, Norton had to play Steve with a real poker face, careful not to tip his hand and let on that he had a master plan of his own.

"Edward has a great range and the ability to breathe life into any character," says Gray. "Even though he's playing a guy that's supposed to lack personality someone who is all about greed — he manages to pack his performance with a lot of layers."

The supporting cast is also multi-layered, ranging from Seth Green, Jason Statham, Mos Def and Franky G — all of whom prove to have tremendous comedic timing to Donald Sutherland, whose venerable charm stays with the film long after his memorable character is no longer onscreen. In addition, Shawn Eanning of N

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