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The story for THE X-FILES feature film was conceived during the 1996 Christmas holiday when Chris Carter and frequent writing partner Frank Spotnitz convened in a hotel room in Hawaii

The story for THE X­FILES feature film was conceived during the 1996 Christmas holiday when Chris Carter and frequent writing partner Frank Spotnitz convened in a hotel room in Hawaii. There, over eight long days, they conceived the story. They endeavored to write a story revolving around the show's ongoing story line (the "mythology") that would excite and please the show's avid core fans and also appeal to a whole new audience unfamiliar with the series.

"I always knew the movie would be along the lines of the government conspiracy, which is really the heart and soul of the series," says Carter.

While conceiving the series, Carter designed a blueprint for the characters of Mulder and Scully, their personal beliefs, and where their paths would ultimately lead. "From the very beginning, Mulder's search for his sister has formed all his actions," he explains. "He also holds the belief that the government is conspiring to keep the truth about extra-terrestrials from us. Those two things are wedded together because he believes his sister was abducted by these same extra-terrestrials. Scully has also lost a family member during their search for the 'truth,' so it's become very personal for both of them.

"There are also issues for Scully of life pursuits ­ particularly her doubts about hitching her wagon to Mulder's dimming star," Carter continues. "In the movie, she is seen as being in some great disfavor with the FBI. And Mulder, too, is possibly reassessing his quest."

For five years, David Duchovny has portrayed the wry FBI agent Fox William Mulder (nicknamed "Spooky"), earning him accolades from his peers and fans from around the world. When he began the series, Duchovny never imagined it would become the international hit that it has indeed become. "I really didn't foresee it stretching out the way it eventually did," he says. "I thought it was just going to be about UFOs and aliens, which I thought was an exhaustible subject matter."

However, as the series has evolved so has Mulder and his inner conflicts. Duchovny says, "The most important thing for me about Mulder was that he didn't care what anybody else thought about what he was doing. So he has a real strength ­ a 'screw you' strength. Even though Mulder is right about his beliefs ninety percent of the time, it's easy for the audience to lose sight of the fact that at his core he's also kind of a loser, a very odd guy who's made a really odd choice with his life. And I like to keep that idea alive."

Gillian Anderson has won numerous honors for her breakthrough role as the passionate, ferociously intelligent, medically­trained FBI agent, Dana Scully. "The relationship between these two characters is wonderful," enthuses Anderson. "You have Dana Scully who is so strong, intelligent, independent, and nonjudgmental, and Mulder, a man who is everybody's hero. But, despite their differences, they're equals. They can come together and work hand in hand in a platonic relationship and have the love and respect and the caring, and be considered equals by others. And that continues in the movie."

Anderson reveals that in the film there are also some opportunities for Mulder and Scully to get a little closer in certain ways than they have in the series. "The audience will have an opportunity to see a hint of a different flavor in their rela

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