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Brad Pitt gives voice to the title character of Sinbad, or, the actor jokes, "as I like to call him, Sin-Brad." Pitt goes on to describe his character as "a bit of a rogue. He lives a life of adventure on the high seas. He finds a little treasure, fights a few monsters…and he likes the girls."

Director Tim Johnson states, "Casting Brad Pitt as Sinbad was a home run for us. He's funny, he's charismatic, he's dashing, and with him at the helm of this character, we had a blast."

"He fit the role of Sinbad to a T," Gilmore adds. "Brad is charming and witty and fun to be around. He's the sort of guy you'd want to go on a road trip with, and that's what we wanted in Sinbad. Sinbad is smart, resourceful and physically strong; he can get you out of any jam. But at the same time, he's got some growing up to do. Brad carried that off really well."

Jakob Hjort Jensen, who served as the lead supervising animator for the character of Sinbad, offers that Pitt gave him more than a vocal performance with which to work. "Brad has specific body movements, and he talks a lot with his hands. It was fun to watch him do lines and observe things he'd do with his hands that I could maybe use. I did little thumbnail sketches so I could remember his gestures four or five months later when I was animating that particular scene."

Making his first foray into animation, Pitt surprised even himself with the physicality of recording the voice of Sinbad. "I really got into it. I would get home and actually be sore. But even though I wish I could take credit for it, I have to say that so much of the character was in the hands of Jakob and the other animators. I was blown away by the detail they can put into a facial expression and the dynamics of the movement. What they can do with animation these days is pretty remarkable."

"Animators are a rare and talented breed," Johnson agrees. "When an animator is watching a performance, he is not only listening to the voice; he is looking for those key gestures that an actor uses to sell a line and then takes them and makes them bigger. It's a meticulous and magical process. Jakob was able to incorporate ‘Bradisms' that are central to who Brad is and make him so recognizable, so even though Sinbad doesn't look like Brad Pitt, boy does he move like him."

Sinbad and his crew have plundered their way across the seven seas, but now Sinbad is going after the most powerful and priceless treasure of all—the Book of Peace. Unfortunately for him, someone else has her eye on the same prize: Eris, the mischievously evil goddess of chaos, whose joy in life is to wreak havoc upon the world.

John Logan remarks, "Any writer worth their salt is going to tell you that the most fun character to write is always the villain. Eris certainly was for me because you can never go over the top with a goddess or a great villain, and when the villain is a goddess, it's just endless fun."

Michelle Pfeiffer, who provides the voice of Eris, was eager to share in the fun. "All they had to say was ‘the goddess of chaos,' and I said ‘yes,'" she laughs. "I wasn't trying to create a villain; I wanted her to be playful. She just relishes stirring up trouble to make things interesting and amusing for herself…like her own reality TV. If it's too peaceful, it's terribly boring to her. The whole thing starts out as a game where she is pretty sure what the end result will be because she i

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