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About The Production
Filmed in and around Los Angeles, "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" takes place in a variety of locations and locales including Hollywood, West Hollywood, Holmby Hills, Torrance, Monrovia and Pasadena.

The production spent a week in a beautiful, upscale neighborhood in Pasadena where they shot the exteriors of the houses of the Finneys, the family that Dickie hires to help him relive his childhood, and their uptight neighbors, the Gertrudes. The remainder of the film was shot on various stages on the Paramount Pictures lot.

One of the first scenes of the film, entitled the "Quake by the Lake," was shot on Stage 16. It was a lifelike recreation of a celebrity boxing match between Emmanuel Lewis, portraying himself as the former child star of the real-life television series "Webster," and Dickie Roberts (Spade), portraying the former child star of the fictitious television series "The Glimmer Gang."

Next, on Stage 15, the production shot the interior scenes of Grace and George Finneys' (Mary McCormack and Craig Bierko) house as well as Sam and Sally's (Scott Terra and Jenna Boyd) tree house. There, the adult Dickie makes his regression into childhood, and ultimately, his progression back to the life of a normal person.


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