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"The story of Veronica Guerin isn't a small story. It isn't meaningful just to people in Ireland. Her story shows the reason why people want to become journalists,” says Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of "Veronica Guerin.” One of Hollywood's top producers, Bruckheimer's vast credits include the recent films "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” "Remember the Titans,” "Pearl Harbor,” and "Black Hawk Down.” 

"This is somebody who couldn't be frightened, no matter what threats the people she was reporting on would make,” he continues. "That bravery and courage ultimately made an enormous difference to her country—without her, it would be a different place.” 

One of Ireland's top journalists during the 1990s, Guerin's stories focused her nation's attention on the rising problem of heroin use in Dublin. Painting a vivid picture of a dangerous world that perhaps many in the country had not yet focused upon, Guerin became the sworn enemy of the city's underworld, ultimately galvanizing the anti-drug forces and leading to stronger drug laws in Ireland. "I like to tell stories about individuals who make a difference in the world and are role models for future generations,” Bruckheimer continues. "To me, that's Veronica Guerin. She is one of those people who changed Ireland and the way people thought about drugs and criminals. She is a person that other generations should know about.” 

"I don't think Veronica saw herself as being anything unique underneath,” says Cate Blanchett, who plays the journalist. "I think she was incredibly humble about what she was doing. I think that what made her unique was her humanity. But humans are flawed, and that's what makes them beautiful.” 

"This is a global story,” says Schumacher. "The drug war is global and any story with a hero or heroine is universal, regardless of whether it is period or contemporary or takes place in another country. Veronica Guerin's story tells of someone who doesn't back down, who does something that will be remembered.” 

"This is a story about personal courage,” echoes screenwriter Mary Agnes Donoghue. "Veronica Guerin said, ‘No, I'm not going to turn away.' Afterwards, some people said she was a saint and brave; others say she was naïve and foolish. I don't think she was any of those things. I think she was someone who just took them on.” 

Leading the cast of "Veronica Guerin” is Academy Award® nominee Cate Blanchett. "Cate Blanchett was our only choice for Veronica,” says Joel Schumacher. "She's so brilliant in the role that I don't know whether I would have made the film if she had said no—I didn't have anybody else in mind as a second choice.” 

"She is a tour-de-force,” says Jerry Bruckheimer. "She did an enormous amount of research. It's a great actress who has the ability to do that.” 

When she was approached for the part, the Australian-born actress knew very little about the Irish journalist. But during the course of her research, Blanchett unearthed a "complex, passionate and extraordinary human being,” she says. 

"I never make a judgment on any of the characters I play,” Blanchett continues. "I don't fall in love with them just as I don't despise them. There is no value in doing that. I think it is very easy, with the wisdom of hindsight, for people who don't participate, those on the sidelines, to moralize about the people who are at the center of life. Something Veronica once said in an interview, I find inspiring: ‘You can't solve a problem until you understand it.' That was one of the keys to her character for me.” 

Blanchett spent a month in Dublin prior to the shooting of the movie, meeting friends and colleagues of Veronica Guerin and talking to family members. She studied news footage of the journalist, read Guerin's articles from the archives, listened to radio interviews, and per

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