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About The Toons
Legendary comedic actor BUGS BUNNY (Himself) is respected and revered by audiences everywhere as a charming, witty icon of all that is right and good about the motion picture industry, and indeed, the world. Mr. Bunny's distinguished career began with starring roles in the wildly popular Warner Bros. cartoon shorts, including an Oscar-winning turn in Knightly Knight Bugs No 1. The 1957 Wagnerian-inspired short What's Opera, Doc?, in which he played the majestically tragic role of Brunhilda, was chosen in 1992 by the Library of Congress' National Film Preservation Board as one of 25 "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant films" to be added to the National Film Registry. Having since appeared in a treasure trove of feature films, television specials and film compilations, Mr. Bunny is currently employed as a contract player for Warner Bros. Studios, where he is widely known as a top money-maker for the studio.


DAFFY DUCK (Himself), professional second fiddle, underdog, sidekick and second banana, is recognized throughout the world as "that little black duck who's always hanging around our beloved comedy master Bugs Bunny." Daffy got his start in feature films in a series of Warner Bros. cartoon shorts, where his lunatic tendencies quickly made a name for him amongst intrigued audiences and exhausted co-workers. He got his big break when Chuck Jones paired him with the incomparable Bugs Bunny in his 1952 short, Rabbit Fire. Presently, Daffy can consistently be seen wandering around the Los Angeles area, attempting to give out his autograph to passersby. Currently employed as a contract player for Warner Bros. Studios, he is known to be constantly on the verge of getting fired.


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