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Getting Down The Moves
There are several dance sequences throughout the film, ranging from club dance to music videos to Broadway auditions to neighborhood center hip-hop classes. Filmmakers realized that making a movie about dance would necessitate the involvement of a top choreographer. Enter Laurieann Gibson, one of the most sought after choreographers in the music industry and the driving force behind the dance moves of some of today's top artists. 

Woodruff explains, "Laurieann is not only the choreographer but serves as a reference point for the lead character. She is actually very much like Honey. She's been on the scene and has done so much, from Broadway to Puffy's music videos to stage performances to the MTV Music Awards. She's a part of that world and has created things that have become part of the language in popular dance. We're from that same world, so I knew she would be up for the challenge of doing this movie.”

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