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About The Story
Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly's distinctive, envelope-pushing comedy style has been celebrated worldwide since their 1994 directing debut, "Dumb and Dumber.” They have created iconic characters in distinctively original stories that have tickled the funny bones and pulled on the heartstrings of movie audiences. The Farrellys' subsequent directorial efforts – "Kingpin,” "There's Something About Mary,” "Me, Myself & Irene,” and "Shallow Hal” – have pulled in over $1 billion in worldwide box office.

With all of their commercial success, the Farrellys have never forgotten what ultimately drives their films and leaves audiences feeling good when they leave the theater.

"For our movies to work, audiences must care about the characters,” says Peter Farrelly. "When we develop a film, we start the process by creating characters that are so likable, we can hang our brand of humor on them. In our films, we try to give the characters a lot of heart and moments of introspection because it makes them more realistic. A comedy that's ninety minutes of laughs without any emotion tends to feel one-dimensional.”

In STUCK ON YOU, the Farrellys take their brand of humor into new directions, exploring the bond between Walt and Bob Tenor, who never let their situation prevent them from leading normal and successful lives. The genesis of the original story surfaced shortly after the Farrellys wrote "Dumb and Dumber.”

"This idea is thirteen years old,” notes Bobby Farrelly. "Our then-writing partner, Bennet Yellin, thought there'd be a good movie in a story about conjoined twins. Peter, Charlie Wessler and I agreed, but only if the twins would not be the butt of the jokes. It was very important to make them winners.”

"We wanted to do a movie about conjoined twins who really have it made,” adds Peter Farrelly. "There haven't been many movies about conjoined twins and certainly not any with humor and a positive message. For the first five years we pitched the script, everyone was terrified of the concept. Over the years, people gradually warmed to the idea, but for one reason or another, the timing was never right for the film to come together.”

Although the script was a favorite of the Farrellys, it was not until after the completion of "Shallow Hal” in 2002 that the project got off the ground. "Our films tend to happen organically,” says Bradley Thomas, the Farrellys' longtime producing partner. "STUCK ON YOU came together quickly when Peter took several old drafts of the script and melded them into one.”

One of the challenges in putting the film together was finding actors who could bring to life the two characters who have lived side by side for 32 years.

"STUCK ON YOU is all about casting,” says Bobby Farrelly. "At first, we were unsure we'd be able to get the right actors together. In order for the story to work, the two leads had to possess chemistry. The roles also required two actors who were willing and capable of being physically connected to each other for three months, without letting that affect their performances.”

"Over the years we have had a number of potential combinations for the roles, but we didn't quite get it right until my sister Cindy suggested Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon. Peter and I both thought they were a perfect combination.”

Early script drafts had the character of Walt looking twenty years older than Bob because they were sharing a liver and Walt w

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