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"Audiences have lived with these guys for a long time

"Audiences have lived with these guys for a long time. They're characters that audiences have fallen for ­­ people have a relationship with them," says producer/ director Richard Donner. "Out of a relationship come moments and out of those moments comes the action in the movie."

"The relationship that occurred between Mel and Danny early on in the making of the first movie resulted in Riggs and Murtaugh becoming indelible characters," says Joel Silver. "Donner and I know we got incredibly lucky 12 years ago that these guys agreed to do the movie."

Danny Glover recalls the first reading of the script back in 1986: "I was doing a play in Chicago but they asked me to come on an off day to L.A. and attend a read­through at Dick Donner's house to see what Mel and I were like together. And it worked within a couple of minutes; I'll always remember how Mel and I clicked."

"I've never been able to explain our relationship except for the fact that I 'get him' and he 'gets me.' He's considerate, generous and a brilliant actor," says Gibson.

For Mel Gibson, making another "Lethal Weapon" movie was a challenge in creating something as entertaining as the previous three. "It's hard to do something good twice. It's harder to do it three times, and it's almost impossible to do it four times. Our advantage in this case is that we really do enjoy each other's company; we do understand and like these characters, and we do have a tremendous relationship with the filmmakers. We can put that up on the screen with complete integrity."

Gibson and Glover believe the key to the success of the series lies with Richard Donner, whose ability to blend action, suspense, pathos, romance and broad humor gives the "Lethal Weapon" movies their appealing characters and unbeatable entertainment quotient. "Fortunately, Dick (Donner) understands what makes these movies work and his enthusiasm, flair and technique are something I ripped off from him when I started directing;" admits Gibson. "I've stolen plenty from him."

"Dick is the cohesive element, and his dynamic passion for these movies makes them work," agrees Glover.

If a great relationship is like a marriage, then Riggs and Murtaugh are about to celebrate their 12'h anniversary, but theirs is not the only binding union for audiences to enjoy on the screen. Says Joel Silver, "Rene Russo created immediate chemistry with Mel in her role as Lorna Cole. The romantic tension between them is not only tremendously entertaining, it's also very believable. Every fan of the 'Lethal Weapon' series wanted to see more of the two of them." Lorna returns in "Lethal Weapon 4"; she and Riggs are still in love­ and Lorna's pregnant.

Watching Martin Riggs wrestle with this news and its implications would ordinarily give Roger Murtaugh plenty of entertainment, were it not for the fact that his daughter Rianne is also pregnant, and is not willing to reveal the identity of the father. As the two men attempt to make sense of their situations while investigating an Asian immigrant smuggling ring, things are further complicated by the presence of Joe Pesci's Leo Getz, a former small­time crook who's become a private eye in order to work with his heroes, Riggs and Murtaugh.

Says Donner, "Leo Getz was very funny in 'Lethal 2,' but I was really impressed by Joe's ability to come back and re­create his character in a new way for 'Lethal 3.' Now he's


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