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Canadian-born fireball FeFe Dobson is the featured singing artist in "The Perfect Score,” belting out "Everything” and "Unforgiven,” two songs that exemplify the free- spirited nature of the film as well as its rebellious edge. Part of her much-anticipated debut album, the self-titled FeFe Dobson, which released on December 9, 2003, "Everything” appears over the end credits as well as briefly during the film when Anna (Erika Christensen) and Kyle (Chris Evans) begin to realize they have feelings for one another on the roof. "Unforgiven,” also on Dobson's debut album, is featured in the film when Francesca (Scarlett Johansson), already angry at her father for not being there for her, sees him romantically entangled with a young woman.

Dobson's lyrics play over a difficult moment in Francesca's life, aptly defining her feelings as well as expressing the sentiments of a generation of today's youth who all too often are products of broken marriages. A scathing cathartic release, the song deftly intersects music and vocals at the exact point where life experience and raw artistic expression cross.

Although she played piano for four years when she was younger, Dobson, who will turn 19 years old this year, began singing, according to her mother and biggest supporter, "nght out of the womb.”

"I was surrounded by eclectic sounds growing up,” says Dobson, who says both her mother and sister were always playing music around the house. "I think my music has just the right tone for ‘The Perfect Score.' It's rowdy, it's different and it's intense, but it's also honest and a lot of fun.”


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